Chanel Rouge Allure

Chanel’s Rouge Allure has the best formula of any lipstick I’ve tried (and at $30 a lipstick, I guess they know it). They also feature the “click, click” tube — a packaging detail that universally delights people who like this product. Like a child-safety lock, you have to hold the lipstick between your thumb and index finger and click it once before you can remove the cap. I think this feature is intended to keep the lipstick from opening in your purse.

Chanel Rouge Allure: Curious, Luminous, Crazed, Naive, Temptation, Fabulous, Silhouette, Tender, Fabulous, Absolu Topaz, Darling, Flash Quartz, Lover, Frivole, Attitude, Flirt, Mystery, Remarkable, Voluptuous

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4 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Allure”

  • shayyme says:

    >Lovely swatches, I was hoping to see Ballerina Pink since I am lemming it! Lol.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Thank you very much! If I can find Ballerina Pink at a counter, I’ll try to get a swatch up for you.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hi there! Just an update: I looked for Ballerina Pink, but apparently it’s a long discontinued shade and none of the counters near me have it. Sorry I couldn’t help you.

  • The Divinitus says:

    >What a great help is your blog!

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