Make Up For Ever Face & Body cross-referencing

In an attempt to keep things simple, I asked MUFE Face and Body users what color they used and what their MAC colors were. Click here to see swatches of MUFE Face and Body foundation.

If you use MUFE and have additional information to provide (are you neutral-cool? Do you have pink undertones? Etc.), feel free to chime in! Inquiring minds want to know. Once again, F&B is a foundation of lighter coverage and the colors do seem to be somewhat flexible.

#20 – NC/W15, NC/W18, NC/W20
#32 – NC 20, NC 25, NC30
#2 – NW20, NC/W25, C3
#1 – NW20
#3 –
#34 – NC30, NC35, C4, NC40
#36 (not pictured) – NW10, NW15
#38 (not pictured) – NC/W15, N3
#6 – NC40
#18 – NC45
#12 – NW45
#24 (not pictured) – C6, NC42
#26 – NC43
#44 –
#46 –
#48 –

Thanks to Lizzy28, La_Belle, princesslexy, ziggy_medusa, wildmustangkarly, FairyRebel, cingels, sarita, kayvid, simplicity, jocelyn88, hilaryofpoitiers, alizeeeee, Maureen, lellogollilla, and holdmegirl.

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7 Responses to “Make Up For Ever Face & Body cross-referencing”

  • tainz says:

    >shade 24 is v. similar to mac’s nw35 in SFF. hope that helps =)

  • seramadis says:

    >#22 Sand is the PERRRFECT match for me, I have NC30-NC40 skin depending on how much sun I’ve been getting, live in a hot sunny climate so I’m tanned most of the year and only get to enjoy my natural skin colour about 2 months a year, yellow-toned skin with LOTS and LOTS of red like a lobster, I found #34 a tad too dark for me and too olive/yellow and #2 a tad bit too light.

  • cheryl says:

    if you run out of things to swatch i would love to see some swatches of the mufe eyeshadows, particularly the purples.

  • Livia says:

    >this post is soo helpful.. thank you for making it ^_^

  • apbunz says:

    >thanks for your swatches karla~
    maybe this chart could help?

  • Vixxan says:

    >You don't have any MAC shades listed for #44,46 and 48. Shade 44 was recommended to me, I am MAC NC50. Shade 44 is not the correct shade for NC50. The color is too dark and too red for my NC50.

    Other foundation shades:
    MUFE: 177 178
    MAC: NC50 Satin finish & Studio Fix
    Graftobian: Burnt Amber

  • Ramona says:

    I’m a MAC NC44 and Camel 18 is perfect

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