Laura Mercier Cake and Caviar Eyeliners

Laura Mercier’s Cake Eyeliner is $20. The official name of the product is “Laura Mercier Eyeliner,” but the makeup-wearing public has nicknamed it “cake” because LM also makes liquid and pencil eyeliners. Eyeliners in cake (pressed) form are meant to be applied with a wet/damp brush, and are suitable for tightlining. Also (sorry to be a tease), Emerald Green is a discontinued color.
Laura Mercier, cake liner, eyeliner, Emerald Green, Bleu Marine, Mahogany Brown, Black Ebony, swatchesLaura Mercier’s Caviar Eyeliner is $22, and is used dry to make a smudgy, smoky eye. If cake eyeliner is a pen, Caviar liner is a crayon.
Laura Mercier, caviar, liner, eyeliner, Midnight, Black, Chestnut, swatchesCake eyeliner: Emerald Green, Bleu Marine, Mahogany Brown, Black Ebony

Caviar eyeliner: Midnight, Black, Chestnut
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4 Responses to “Laura Mercier Cake and Caviar Eyeliners”

  • Valerie says:

    >Love this line – “If cake eyeliner is a pen, Caviar liner is a crayon.” Both of these formulas sound loverly, but the colors leave me cold. Which is good for my wallet. :-)

  • jojoba says:

    >I kept reading about how great LM’s cake liners are and i kept walking past its dispaly and forgetting about it. i so want to try it and MUFE’s. (believe it or not, i have not even tried MUFE’s cake liners!)

    great swatches. i think i am in love with that black…


    >i’m gonna get my hands on the caviar eyeliner in black this week. i hope it’s as good as it sounds. i wanna try other brands. i’m like having a mac anxiety. i’m loaded with mac and i need something new in my stash.

    but don’t get me wrong, i’m in love with mac. :)

  • shery says:

    i was on the fence between bleu marine and black. your swatches were so helpful! thanks for posting!

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