Bobbi Brown Metallic Lipstick

Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Lipstick comes in 15 shades, each $22. Swatching the Cocoa Mauve Nordstrom set first piqued my interest in her lipsticks, and though I usually love a bit of shimmer in my lipsticks, I’m still deciding between this formula and her “Creamy Lip Color.” Clearly a subject for future discussion.

Metallic Lipstick: Baby Peach, Kir, Pretty Pink, Twilight Pink, Beige Gold, Gilded Pink, Silver Haze, Ruffle, Vintage Rose, Ruby, Berry, Dusk, Raspberry, Brown, Plum
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12 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Metallic Lipstick”

  • Valerie says:

    >Oooh, Dusk looks loverly. If I remember correctly, BB lipsticks have a weird crayon-y, plastic smell/taste, right? Being picky about smell/taste saves me lots of dough. :-) but Dusk does look so very nice…

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hurrah for scent sensitivity! I haven’t lip-tested any of these; more exploration is needed.

    The grey browns did remind me of you.

  • Karen says:

    >OOH! I like Pretty Pink and Baby Peach. I really liked this collection. Girl, how do you hold the camera to get so many swatches in one shot, lol!? :)

  • Rocketqueen says:

    >Hi Karla, you’ve been hearted! I really love your blog but am bad at commenting here I’m afraid, but check this out:

  • jojoba says:

    >karla: I LOVE your arm! :P

    Thank you so much! I am going to bring MIL shopping for lipsticks as I like what I see and read.


  • Ana Marta says:

    >Great swatches, these lipsticks look gorgeous! Do you know if they are in the new sleek package like the creamy lip colors, or is it the old one? I’m getting some lemmings… berry and ruffle look beautiful!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >No, the metallic lipsticks come in the old case. I’m pretty sure it’s only the Creamy Lip Colors look like that.

  • LipstickChick says:

    >I'm also quite scent-sensitive (and even moreso taste sensitive, which is why I'll resist those new UD l/s), and I've not had great experiences with BB's l/s in the past. I actually just put one on yesterday (Candlelight Glow, IIRC?), and had to wipe it off immediately, it was THAT rancid in taste & smell.

    That said, I couldn't resist swatching these today lol, and I actually told the SA at the counter of my experiences with their l/s — I wanted to buy, but was hesitant. Sadly, she had no clue about their l/s ever going bad (what did I expect her to say lol?).

    Anyhow, I caved, because I'm weak ;-) . I bought the Beige Gold & Vintage Rose, and surprisingly, these don't have the same scent as the ones I've bought in the past (these have none that I can detect, whereas previous ones had a scent from the get go).

    I'm crossing my fingers and am optimistic, because they ARE all gorgeous and feel better than their original formula ever did!

    HTHS! Christine

  • dsnypxi says:

    >I just want to let everyone know that the formula for these are soft; If you remember BB shimmergloss sticks, they are soft like that; *so* be careful, don’t twist them up too far when you apply it or it may break at the base. HTH!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Thanks for the great information, lipstickchick and dsnypxi!

  • anne pepys says:

    I would like Silver Haze Metallic Lip Color.

  • anne pepys says:

    I would like Silver Haze Metallic Lip Color. I would like to know where I can buy some.

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