MAC Overrich pigments

Makeup lovers, hang on to your wallets. Overrich pigments are the best MAC has created so far.

It’s not just that I love the colors (and I do), but these are a dream to apply — creamier, smoother, less fallout… it’s like they’re not even pigments. If you’ve been resisting loose eyeshadows, this is the time to give them a second try.

As usual, pigments are $19.50 each. Overrich officially releases August 21. Only Mauvement (a repromote) and Mega Rich will be limited edition, though: all the others will become permanent pro colors. Halleluia!

MAC, Overrich, pigment, swatches, Heritage Rouge, Copperbeam, Mega Rich, Museum Bronze, Blonde's Gold, Mauvement, Vintage Gold, Antique Green

Overrich: Heritage Rouge, Copperbeam, Mega Rich, Museum Bronze, Blonde’s Gold, Mauvement, Vintage Gold, Antique Green
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6 Responses to “MAC Overrich pigments”

  • jojoba says:

    >WOW! Why or why did I peek into your blog???!!! they are all gorgeous and I am not a MAC girl!


  • Joey says:

    >I went to MAC Pro on Thursday with verybecca and got samples of 5 of these…I’m all sorts of in love with Heritage Rouge =) and Blonde’s Gold is so, so perfect! I didn’t know that most of them are going to be perm at Pro, so that’s a relief, but I think I need to go buy Mauvement now!

  • Valerie says:

    >Wow, those colors are really gorgeous! I’m not a pigment girl (something about them irritates my eyes), but so gorgeous!

  • beauty parler says:

    >Great colours! I too stray away from pigments (as I find them messy) but these shades are fab!

  • Steph says:

    >I happened to stumble across your site through specktra – fab blog and swatches :) . Love overrich – colors are gorgeous!

  • freefoam says:

    >hey i saw these swatches at beautycrunch, i was wondering if you had stila’s twig, ray, golightly, and la douce because they remind me of heritage rouge, megarich, museum bronze and vintage gold respectively. if you do have them, can you do a side by side swatch? thanks!

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