Urban Decay Lipstick

Urban Decay lipsticks are $22, and every one of them is vegan (containing no animal products). My favorite vegan (and the leading expert on this product), Sixxmum says:

The full coverage lipsticks are nicely pigmented and really do have full coverage. The semi-sheers are decently pigmented and most could be layered to full coverage. The sheers are sheer — almost like a gloss rather than a lipstick. The UD site does a good job telling you which is which and explaining the shimmer to them (some are pretty shimmery). There is a distinct “caramel cream” scent to these, and they have an odd taste that I can’t quite describe… a little bitter. The scent goes away pretty quickly, while the taste does linger. Some people may need/want a flavored balm on top if they tend to lick their lips a lot. Staying power is fine… nothing to write your mama about, but certainly average for a standard lipstick and best for the full coverage creams.

I linked you to the Urban Decay website, rather than the Sephora website today, because UD lets you sort the lipsticks either by coverage or by finish, and because — until August 28 — using the code FFL30 will get you a “Friends and Family” 30% discount (free shipping over $75).

Urban Decay lipstick: Wanted, 5150, Peroxide, Sellout, Jilted, Rush, Apocalypse, Jailbait, Buzzkill, Gash, Voodoo, Requiem, Vinyl, Trainwreck, Revolution, Gravity, Wicked, Indecent, Lovechild, Pistol, Hotpants
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5 Responses to “Urban Decay Lipstick”

  • Valerie says:

    >Hmmm, I’ve been eyeing Smashbox or NARS for my new “fall” lippie- looks like I’ll have to add UD to the consideration list. I like the look of Requiem and Apocalypse… although I don’t care for the packaging- too busy. I like a clean look :-)

  • noshihunny says:

    >yaaaay!! Thanks for these!! =)

  • noshihunny says:

    >I am wearing ‘wicked’ today and I am noticing that bitter taste as well. It feels like I’m slowly being poisoned… =/ Quite icky. But I have only noticed it in this one of the 3 I have so far.. and I love the color way too much to return it :( Maybe I will layer a flavored clear Philosophy gloss over it and see if that helps!

  • bri says:

    thanks for showing examples =)

  • Linda says:

    Hi. Do you know any dupes for Gash. It can be more or less in price.
    Thank you!!

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