Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color

Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Lip Colors are $22, and though some of the color names overlap with shades from her regular lipsticks (lip color, lip shimmer, and lip sheer), the “creamies” come in a different case. Baby, Pink Buff, Pink Sequin and Sunset Nude are new releases with the Shimmering Nudes Collection —I regret to say only Baby and Sunset Nude were available the day I was swatching.

The colors are fairly sheer, and some of them contain subtle sparkle (Pink Ballet, Nectar, Rose Petal, Bronzed Pink, Nude Pink, Baby, Sunset Nude).

Creamy Lip Color: Pink Ballet, Honeysuckle, Uber Pink, Nectar, Blue Raspberry, Heather Buff, Rose Petal, Bronzed Pink, Italian Rose, Heather Mauve, Raisin Berry, Dark Chocolate, Nude Pink, Crystal Pink, Baby, Sunset Nude

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5 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color”

  • Valerie says:

    >BB definitely knows how to pull together some lovely brownish lipstick shades! I saw Heather Mauve at the CCO this weekend (where I also found my LE clinique duo liner- yay!).

  • Roxy says:

    >I’m thinking I’m going to have to try these for sure. In fact, I’m gonna do a little shopping trip for the sole reason of exploring these lippies … thanks Karla! xo

  • fiftycenthead says:

    >Hey! I love these swatches and now I want all of the lippies! You’re a gifted enabler.

    Wanna play a game with us? Check it out on my blog -



  • kiss53 says:

    >I love that you swatch almost all the colors available!!!

    But personally, how do you feel about the formula of BB Creamy Lip Color & BB Metallic Lipstick? Which is better?

    I have tad sensitive lips..

  • Sarah says:

    >I have this in Italian Rose. I don’t think the colour suits me well (i’m nc 37)..

    in any case, i dont really like the texture. it is very drying!!! I usually use Benefit lipsticks which aren’t drying at all. I usually don’t use any lip balm with benefit, and my lips are just fine. With this lipstick, my lips gets all dry and peely if i dont put on lip balm..

    All in all, i was pretty disappointed with the lipstick.. :( :( I was really hoping to like it cause I love the lip tint in punch – it suits me real well :) gives a nice natural glossy look, as well as being totally moisturizing :)

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