Chanel Quads (Beiges, Dunes, Variations) and Dior Iridescent Leather

Meet the latest object of my affection: the Chanel Beige Eyeshadow Quad (or Beiges de Chanel). At the moment, this lovely palette is only sold in brick-and-mortar Saks stores, but rumor is that it will also be in Nordstrom by the end of the month (because it is not available online, there is no picture of it — this is a picture of the Smoky Eyes Quad). Like all Chanel eyeshadow quads, it is $56.

Of the Chanel quads currently available, Beige is most similar to Dunes and Variations — unlike these two, it has no pink shade.

Every shade in Variations (pictured here) has a reddish cast. By comparison, Beige is all brown and gold.

The lightest shade in Dunes is quite yellow (not beige). Dunes also contains an almost purplish brown (compared to Beige’s golden brown). The two darkest shades do look similar.

Kittycatpainter had the great (but expensive) idea to look at Beiges de Chanel side-by-side with Dior’s Iridescent Leather quint ($54). Unfortunately, I like both palettes. If it helps you make a decision, the finishes are slightly different, and the top two shades of Iridescent Leather are rather pink; the bottom two are yellow. (The shadows also do not have numbers printed on them; I added those to match them to their swatches).

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9 Responses to “Chanel Quads (Beiges, Dunes, Variations) and Dior Iridescent Leather”

  • Ti_Amo says:

    >Lol Karla, so glad I saw these pics–lemming killed! (and don’t you make it come back :P ). Great swatches–and I must admit IL is beautiful but I don’t need it!

  • peachgirl says:

    >Karla; thank you for posting this! You must be a mindreader because last night I was hoping you’d sample and compare Dior to Chanel. I guess I can start believing in telepathy now! :)

  • beautysleeping says:

    >Ooh, pretty. Thank goodness I like the IL quint better, since I already have that one coming. It’s a relief not to be lemming the beige quad too! :)

  • Nuts says:

    >hi karla

    thanks for the swatches…

    so the new beiges quad is not similar to the beige velours or beige galets too?


  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Ahh, they must not have been at the counter. Are those two out currently?

  • Nuts says:

    >hi karla

    i only know beige galets is available at UK counters. Beige velours should be available in US counters?? am not too sure if they are LE too.

    colours are mainly beige/pink and brown too.

  • happy says:

    >Thanks for the comparison. I like the Dior IL Quint better. After seeing the swatches, I know for sure I've got to pick up that Quint. I was wondering if you'll be doing swatches for the Dior Matte & Shiny Duo Eyeshadows?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >That sounds like a great idea! I just sorry to say I can’t promise a date by which I’ll have them done.

  • happy says:

    >Thanks! There’s no rush but looking forward to checking the swatches. I simply love how you have all these swatches, it’s great for comparisons.

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