Chanel Smoky Eye

Fall is right around the corner, and grey eyeshadow, vampy lips, and dark, neutral nail polish are back in style. Chanel is leading the grey eyeshadow charge, with an elegant (and sparkly) assortment of goodies you could easily mistake for a holiday collection.

The Smoky Eye Quad ($56) includes three sparkly (and one unsparkly) shades, and true to Chanel form, the colors are all pretty soft. I couldn’t stop picturing myself at a Christmas party, but they’d be work appropriate if you work in a place where no one will notice/say anything about a little sparkle.

There are two eyeshadow singles, Black Star and Platine, for $28.50 each. Both are sparkly, neither one got my imagination running, but if you wear Chanel exclusively, they might be colors not yet represented in your collection.

The third, and possibly most exciting item, is actually a cake eyeliner duo for $45. (Read more about cake eyeliner.) Genius that I am, I mistook Noir-Lamé for an eyeshadow duo (black and sparkly black. How… interesting). Just as I was thinking that these were the hardest, crummiest eyeshadows of all time, a sales associate came to my rescue and handed me a damp brush. Aha!

There was not much difference between the black and the sparkly black sides. Each side was swiped first with a newly laden brush, then a second time (without double dipping, so the brush was a little drier). I could only see the sparkles in the second swipe of the sparkly side.

Chanel: Smoky, Smokey
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3 Responses to “Chanel Smoky Eye”

  • jojoba says:

    >karla: when i reviewed chanel smoky collection, i didn’t think of swatching them and posted the pictures in my blog but i should have. after getting to know your blog, i realized how important swatches are. no matter how well a person explains a shade, it’s best to see a photo evidence. and you did an excellent job. i should go to swatch them all and update my review too. thanks a lot. you are the best. and i was right that this smoky quad is way too light. the singles are better.

  • Elvira says:

    >I NEED NEED NEED the eyeliner duo.

  • MisSmall says:

    >Thanks for the swatches. Saved me a trip to Chanel. The two grey’s are way too soft for my liking. :)

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