MAC Eyeshadow: Lustre and Velvet

The fourth installment of MAC Week! On to the Lustres and the Velvets!

I have mixed feelings about the Lustres. Some of MAC’s weakest shadows are Lustres — Honesty, Gleam, and Filament have almost no pigment (Idol Eyes, Forgery, Retrospeck, and Honey Lust aren’t much better). Lustres generally have the largest glitter particles, so you might want to try wearing something emollient (like a paint pot) under them, rather than applying them to bare skin. But Lustres are also a prime example of inconsistency across a finish — Pink Venus, Aquadesiac, Sweet Lust, and Swimming have little to no glitter. Greensmoke, Tempting, and Mythology are quite pigmented. So the Lustre picture has been posted at a larger-than-usual size to give you a closer look.

The Velvets are (mostly) a matte mixed with sparkle. Several of them have a hard, dusty texture — not my favorite — but some of the most famous “deep sparkle” shades are Velvets: Black Tied (black with silver/iridescent sparkle), Beauty Marked (near black with purple sparkle), Contrast… and Trax, Sketch, and Mulch seemed to have some too. Then, just to mix it up, Vanilla, Vapour, and Texture are sparkle-free. Several MAC eyeshadow shades are making the transition from permanent line to pro-only — the Velvets seem disproportionately affected.

Lustre: Pink Venus, Sweet Lust, Idol Eyes, Aquadesiac, Swimming, Forgery, Greensmoke, Green Smoke, Retrospeck, Tempting, Honey Lust, Honesty, Gleam, Filament, Mythology
Velvet: Trax, Sketch, Beauty Marked, Contrast, Vanilla, Vapour, Texture, Mulch, Black Tied

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7 Responses to “MAC Eyeshadow: Lustre and Velvet”

  • noshihunny says:

    >Pink venus and forgery were my first 2 MAC shadows (before I learned the difference between the finishes) and they barely show up on me. Forgery has a ton of fallout every time I try to use it… so yeah, I’m not a fan of the lustres either.

  • Ghoulina says:

    >Filament is one of the worst MAC eyeshadows ever! I bought it as a highlight shade before I knew better…it has poor texture, horrible fallout and barely any pigmentation. Boo!

  • Jocelyn says:

    You’re missing Bitter and Smut. :(

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Those are pro shades. When I do these again in the freestanding store, they’ll be included.

  • Jocelyn says:

    OK thanks! :D

  • Sara says:

    Smut is a pro shade? It’s on the regular MAC site and I was able to get it at my MAC counter. Strange! Maybe it used to be pro and they made it regular or something, haha.

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