MAC Eyeshadow: Matte and Matte²

Well, I’m not at New York Fashion Week (someday!), but it’s an important week nevertheless. I finished swatching nearly all of MAC’s current eyeshadow shades, and I’ll be posting them — organized by finish — all this week.

I’m pretty excited; this is a big step in making “The Next Best Thing” a comprehensive makeup resource and reference guide. At some point, I’ll swatch all these shadows again, organized by color, but out of respect for the non-MAC fans out there, that’s a subject for another week.

So to kick off “MAC Week,” here are MAC Matte and Matte². What’s the difference between the two? Well, my opinion is “not much,” but according to MAC, the Matte² is jet-milled and better for packing color. MAC Eyeshadows are $14.50.

Matte: Embark, Passionate, Blackberry, Shadowy Lady, Purple Haze, Nehru, Plumage, Omega, Bamboo, Bisque, Charcoal Brown, Wedge, Espresso, Soft Brown, Malt, Rule, Saddle, Corduroy, Swiss Chocolate, Quarry, Yogurt, Gesso, Carbon
Matte²: Matte2, Pen ‘n’ Pink, Post Haste, Fig. 1, Signed Sealed, Typographic, Graphology, Poison Pen, Prussian, Clarity, Newly Minted, Flourishing, Blanc Type, Tete-a-Tint, Copperplate, Brown Script, Handwritten

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13 Responses to “MAC Eyeshadow: Matte and Matte²”

  • Starry x2 night says:

    >Whoa! Thanks for the swatches!

    Is it just me, or are a lot of the Matte2 eye shadows reeeeally similar to Matte shadows? Passionate and Post Haste could almost be twins?

  • Valerie says:

    >Fabulous swatches! I tend to shy away from matte shadows, but I do love Saddle for a brow powder.

  • jojoba says:

    >great swatches and great for those who love deep strong shades. they are too strong and matte for me though. i can’t deal with matte e/s!

  • beautysleeping says:

    >Hmm…I think I need to get my hands on Copperplate and Quarry. They look taupe-licious. :)

  • beautifulwithbrains says:

    >Great swatchs! I’m not into matte eyeshadows but these look pretty.

  • noshihunny says:

    >Have I mentioned lately that I love you? :)

  • Nell says:

    >Your site is amazing, I really appreciate your work, not only this post today (although MAC does take the cake!), but all of it. I come by daily and I´m always impressed and exited when I see your swatches. Thank you!

  • AutumnTwilight says:

    >Thank you for doing these! I have been wanting to get some matte shadows lately, but MAC’s site swatches aren’t always on the head, it really helps to see them on someone’s skin.

    I hope that someday you do Urban Decay’s matte shadows also!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Starrynight x2, I totally agree — I haven’t noticed too much difference between Matte and Matte² as categories (though there is some variation in shades).

    Autumntwilight, I definitely plan to cover the UD shadows (both matte and sparkly).

    Thanks, everyone! I discovered a whole lot of new shadows to love in doing these — why doesn’t Quarry get more attention?

  • Beauty411 says:

    >I was in NY this week for Fashion Week and was able to watch the MAC Senior artists backstage–they’re really incredible. I saw Carbon being used in many shows for the smokey eye look.

  • Liz W says:

    >Thank you so much for these swatches! I plan to buy several of these mattes. I bought a bottle of MUFE Face & Body foundation after seeing your swatches here, and the color matched my skintone perfectly. Thanks for all you do to provide this service to people.

  • somee says:

    PLEASE PLEASE re-do this, grouped in colors this time!! X-O

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