Bobbi Brown Party Collection

By now, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that there are many diverse options when it comes to Bobbi Brown holiday. The two big ones are Copper Diamond and the Party Collection.

The Party Collection seems to have been especially designed for anyone who said all BB products look the same. It includes 6 wild-and-crazy eyeshadow colors, sold individually for $20, and 6 glitter lip gloss shades, each $19. Thanks to Bobbi’s (recently revamped) paletting system, each of these items comes in a holder (think of it as a 1-pan palette), but the pan pops out and can be placed into a larger empty palette. Your BB counter has 3-pan, 4-pan, and 6-pan empty palettes — each $10. Laura Mercier’s and Bobbi Brown’s pans and palettes and not compatible.

In what I consider a total breakthrough in palette technology, each of the glosses comes with a clear, flip-top lid, which (1) keeps you from accidentally sticking your finger in it, and (2) will probably help keep eyeshadow powder out of the gloss — genius! All the glosses could be applied sheerly; I swatched heavily to best show color.

Neiman Marcus is currently offering free shipping with code SHIPNM.

The scope of Bobbi Brown’s giftable holiday items parallels Laura Mercier’s, but that’s the subject of another post. Here’s what BB is offering for holiday:

  • The Copper Diamond Collection (Copper Diamond Shimmerbrick – $40, 3 potted glitter balms – $19 each)
  • The Party Collection (6 LE Metallic Eyeshadow shades, 6 LE Glitter Lip Gloss in pans)
  • 2 Long-wear Eye Palettes (these came out so early, I swatched them without realizing they were a holiday item) – $55
  • Lip and Eye Palette (4 shades of each, in a double decker compact) – $60
  • Basic Eye Palette (4 shades) – $45
  • Velvet Plum Eye Palette (4 shades) – $45
  • Basic Lip Palette (4 shades) – $45
  • Lip Gloss Trio (3 tube glosses with wand applicators in a Copper Diamond bag) – $45
  • Tube Tints (4 mini squeeze-tube glosses, no special packaging) – $30
  • 2 brush sets (brushes + Copper Diamond bag – $55 and $65, respectively) and an empty Copper Diamond traincase – $95
  • Nordstrom-exclusive Sunset Gold Collection (Metallic Eyeshadows in Sunset Gold and Antique Gold, Glitter Lip Gloss (brush wand) in Bronzed Pink, gel eyeliner in Mahogany, all in a Copper Diamond bag) – $80
  • Neiman Marcus-exclusive Cabana Collection (Illuminating Bronzing Powder, mini bronzing brush, Shimmering Body Oil, SPF 15 Gold Coast Lip Glaze, all in a Copper Diamond Bag) – $175

Party Collection: Glitz, Bonfire, Indigo Nights, After Hours, Bash, Pink Chandelier, Soiree Pink, Ball, Disco, Martini, Velvet Rope, Rave

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8 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Party Collection”

  • Amy says:

    >Thanks Karla–I LOVE YOUR BLOG! :) You’re a saint for those of us who order online. Will you be doing a review of the copper shimmerbrick? I think a lot of us are wondering if its going to look unnatural, glam or too warm. Thanks again!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hey Amy, thank you so much! And I definitely will be posting about the Shimmerbrick.

  • Amina says:

    >Thank you for the swatches!!
    My bobbi brown collection is just growing!! I loove her holidays palettes!

  • Valerie says:

    >Rave looks scrumptious! Being in pot form will save me from temptation though.

  • Erin says:

    >Okay first, I LOVE your blog! So helpful you are!!

    Secondly I am loving this stuff from Bobbi Brown.

    I also want to ask you more of a technical question. How do you have it that you can click the pics and EVERY pic blows up? When I upload my pics and when you click on them, either some pics blow up or none at all.

  • Katee says:

    >Ohhhh I love Bobbi Brown! Good Stuff :)

  • Heather says:

    >I can’t buy Bobbi Brown. I think it’s nervy to charge $20 for an eye shadow meaning it would cost $90 for a 4 shadows plus the cost of the palette. BB needs to make more ready made palettes or at least give you an empty palette for free if you buy 2 or more shadows.

    I’ve spent $90 on Chantecaille and $150 on Guerlain but I consider those purchases one-of-a-kind items. She might have a unique shade here or there, but not every shadow is worth $20. After I bought a gloss (expensive AND tiny)that has a CHEAP brush applicator and the gummiest gloss ever – blah…want to throw it at her.

    ..end rant..

  • Mimi says:

    >should have posted earlier but thanks for swatching these! i put them on my holiday wish list :)

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