Dior Holiday, part 1

Dior has a large, amorphous holiday collection, and to the casual outsider, the theme would seem to be “Dior.” The collection includes two eyeshadow quints, two eyeshadow quads, two lip quads, two illuminating face powders (the only elements in bejeweled packaging), a travel palette, and a few glosses and other odds and ends.

I only managed to find testers of the quints so far (the rest of the collection will be the subject of another post… as soon as I find it). And I’m not even sure they’re available for sale: both the Saks and the Nordstrom I visited this weekend claimed to be completely sold out of both. I scoured the internet, and found only the Twilight Quint on Nordstrom’s website. As always, Dior quints are $54.

Dior Holiday: quints, 5-color eyeshadow, 5-colour eyeshadow, Moonlight, 029, Twilight, 140

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6 Responses to “Dior Holiday, part 1”

  • jojoba says:

    >Must you torture me like this? You know how I love Dior IR quints!!! this collection will not be here for a while I think. I like th look of that IR quint but the regular quint is lookig good this time with that dark black in the center.

    Can’t wait to see part 2!

  • Cunnington the Third. says:

    >wow, moonlight is beautiful! want!!


  • Amy says:

    >Wow I feel so lucky–I did order and received both quints from Nordstrom’s site last week. I also got their GWP along with them. They are sooooooo beautiful. Now that I spent over $100 on eyeshadows, I have to figure out if I can skip Chanel Beiges. Sigh–that one might be beyond my budget after the Dior haul!!

  • asiyakei says:

    >I bought Moonlight and LOVE it (Dior Quints are my new – expensive – obsession, sigh) and I’m surprised they’re already sold out! Not that I’ve checked since I purchased mine, so I guess I can’t really talk. Have you seen Sephora’s ‘Silver Smoke’? It looks a LOT like Moonlight so I’m interested to see how close the swatches are…

  • Fitri says:

    >Oh god I hate Dior. Shimmer or no shimmer. I’m torn apart!! I’m gonna both! haha.

  • anne says:

    does anybody know which one of the dior pallets has the most taupe-shades? (prefering purply-taupe, mauvy-taupe)

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