Dior Quints: Earth Tones and Iridescent Leather

For the past few weeks, I’ve been mooning over pretty eyeshadow palettes, and while I’m not sure that either Twilight or Moonlight is “the one” for me, Dior quints are smooth, pigmented, and pretty nice. Most of them seem designed to give you options — which is a good thing for travel. I’ve been swatching all the ones I could find, so stay tuned for more pictures.

You wouldn’t know it from this picture alone, but Earth Tones is actually fairly unusual: it doesn’t contain a white/highlighting shade. I think Dior has limited the “collectability” of these quints by putting the same (or similar) white shade into a lot of them.

My problem: I really like at least one shade in almost every Dior quint I’ve swatched. But I’m not a huge fan of pink or purple eyeshadow, so almost every quint also contains a shade (or two) that doesn’t thrill me.

A possible solution: Dior could make me a custom quint? Number 415 KarlaSugar? I can dream.

Dior quints are $54 each.

Dior eyeshadow quints: 673, Earth Tones, 539, Iridescent Leather

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5 Responses to “Dior Quints: Earth Tones and Iridescent Leather”

  • asiyakei says:

    >I adore Dior quints. Which makes me a bit sad, since they are pretty pricy. I am a fan of pinks (borderline on the purples) though, so most of the quads I love all the colours. So far I have Iridescent Leather, Earth Reflection, Moonlight, and Pink Idol. I also have the Warm Harmony holiday Quad. I like how compact they are for the amount of makeup you can actually take with you though, so I can only see myself buying more…

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >The temptation is *very* strong to search for them all on ebay. And I can’t wait to find testers of those holiday quads.

  • Digital Angel says:

    >Iridescent Leather looks sooo pretty :) I was not into neutral color at all, but I tried oneday and I fell in love :P I added you on my blog, hope that’s alright. Thanks so much for all pretty swatches !

  • peachgirl says:

    >I much prefer the matte ones (after a visit to dep store for swatching).
    Also; the “earth tones” could be marketed at darker skintones, and have no need for 3 lighter shades? It has always puzzled me the way warm and cool colours are mixed in the quints (as opposed to say; every other palette out there that are either warm or cool).
    Out of the regular ones I can’t wait for you to swatch my favourite; Beige Massaï!

  • Eunice says:

    >Irisdescent Leather is my HG eyeshadow palette :)
    when I bought it I didn't realize it would sell out so quickly – I didn't even know it was LE!
    I also have Petal Shine, but I rarely use it because the colors come out muddy on my lids – especially the "pink" colors. However, they show up a little better if I use a white base like the Shiseido Hydro cream shadow

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