Guerlain Holiday

Guerlain’s holiday theme this year is butterflies — Midnight Butterfly actually. All the pieces come in beautifully embellished butterfly packaging, and the collection is primarily a cool one. The collection includes:

1. Limited Edition Butterfly Sparkle Mascara ($35)
A few months ago, Guerlain released its Le 2 de Guerlain mascara, a giant magic wand with hilariously tiny applicators a two-step application process. It comes in black, brown, blue, and violet, and sells for $35. In the limited edition version, the first brush is black, the second is “sparkling violet.” While I haven’t tried this product, I am definitely leery of sparkling mascara. I tried Lancome’s Fatale Brilliant and the flashes of light (reflecting off the glitter) made me think I was having a migraine.

2. Guerlain Meteorites Butterfly Pearls ($65)
One of Guerlain’s flagship products is its Meteorites: blush, powder, or highlighter in the form of loose pearls (balls). You’re meant to keep these in a bowl (Neiman Marcus uses a cognac glass) and dust your brush over them before applying to your face.

These special edition Meteorites contain pearls of four colors (warm beige, pearly pink, iridescent white, and shimmery gold) which blend together to form a light highlighter. The packaging itself is not metal, but rather foil-covered cardboard. I’m sorry to say this product was impossible to swatch.

3. Sublime Radiant Powder ($82)
When I saw this atomizer at the Guerlain counter, I mistook it for fragrance. It’s actually a highlighter: the atomizer sprays shimmery powder. (Not particularly swatchable.) I suppose you might spray your decollete before going out for the evening, but this product strikes me as primarily an ornament for your dresser.

4. Mysterious Butterfly Eyeshadow Quad ($57)
The eyeshadow quad contains four colors (white, soft magenta, pale lilac, and medium blue-purple), which are pressed or stamped with an abstracted butterfly. The butterfly shape contains an icy, silvery blue powder. You can blend the blue powder into its host shade, which gives the color a little more luminosity, or you could treat it as a fifth color. I blended the blue in the first three eyeshadow swatches, and did not blend on the fourth.

5. Meterorites Voyage Pressed Powder ($160)
Meteorites also come in a pressed version, and the holiday collection includes an illuminating pressed powder decorated with raised butterflies. I swatched with a cotton ball, but the powder is quite light, so I also made a stripe with an eyeshadow applicator (which defines the left edge of the swatch). The compact is slightly smaller than the palm of my hand.

6. Kiss Kiss Gloss ($28)
The limited edition holiday glosses are pigmented, but can be applied sheerly, and the tubes have a butterfly etched into the handle. Like regular Kiss Kiss Glosses, they have brush applicators (click to view the permanent line; $28 is now the regular price for these). Both Charming Butterfly and Intriguing Butterfly are cool shades, and contain blue/pink or blue/purple sparkle. The shades may also have two names: Nordstrom’s website refers to Charming Butterfly as Shimmering Pink and Intriguing Butterfly as Shimmering Violet.

7. Kiss Kiss Lipstick ($29)
Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss lipsticks definitely have a following, but they are strongly fragranced, which has kept me from falling in love. The limited edition lipsticks in this collection are the same price as regular Kiss Kiss lipsticks, but they come in purplish tubes with the etched butterfly. The two colors are Delicate Butterfly (or Sparkling White) and Dazzling Butterfly (or Strawberry Red).

Delicate Butterfly — to my eye — looks very similar to White Shine in the Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine formula… perhaps the holiday edition has a little extra sparkle.

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7 Responses to “Guerlain Holiday”

  • noshihunny says:

    >Does the butterfly pattern disappear from the quad when you use it? These prices are insane! Especially for the compact!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Yes, the butterfly pattern is deeper than I expected it to be, but you would eventually use it up.

    I thought the compact was pretty steep, but I found this pressed powder, which is the same (and I couldn’t figure out why the price was so high).

  • AutumnTwilight says:

    >I so HAVE to see that mascara on someone. The curiousity is killing me! :D

  • Elvira says:

    >OK. I have to speak up here.
    The meteorites compact is more of a collectors item. Some very rare ones sell on ebay in the $200 range. They are usually limited edition and have special meteorite pressed powder in them. This holiday collection is no exception. The pressed meteorites powder in the Midnight butterfly collection is different from the pressed voyage compact powder.
    The regular meteorite voyage compact has regular meteorite powder, the outside was inspired by Marie Antoinette’s jewelry box

    here is a better picture of the outside of the compact.
    The powder is very finely milled so it allows one to touch up throughout the day without there being any buildup.
    Many people say Oh that looks like the Physicians Formula (Px) multicolored product. It is not. Having owned both I can safely say that the Px product is chalk compared to the Guerlain product. I have owned both the regular Guerlain mythic balls and mythic pressed powder and I personally prefer the pressed powder. Applied with a fluffy brush all over the face you get a flawless look that diffuses fine lines. Yes. the price is very high. Yes you can get refills. But it does seem to make a difference in my daily routine so I keep buying the refills for an empty compact I won from ebay. But that’s my 2 cents.

  • jojoba says:

    >glad you posted these! lemmings all killed, seriously. noen of them look pigmented enough for me. perhaps lip products but i have too many of those shades. yay! my $$$ is still safe!

  • cuppiecakes says:

    >Is the compact refillable? I love that atomizer!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Yes, I believe the compact is refillable.

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