Guerlain Parure Foundation

Guerlain has two new “Parure” foundations out: Parure Aqua and Parure Extreme. They both come in pump bottles and Guerlain calls them both “fluid” foundations. I would have called them gels — when dispensed, they don’t run down your arm. Both foundations are $55.

Parure Aqua is medium coverage, SPF 20. Guerlain’s official description of it tells a feel-good, good-for-you story of hydration, a cooling sensation to the skin, and a luminous finish. I truly could not tell the difference between colors 24 and 25, Dore Moyen and Dore Fonce. I’d think I could tell a difference, and then I felt my eyes were playing tricks on me. I wondered if I actually had two testers of Dore Moyen, and if maybe one of them had been mislabeled. Also, Rose Naturel is quite pink (click the picture for a closer look).

Parure Extreme is full coverage, SPF 25. The Parure Extreme story is that it’s long-wearing, water-resistant, and matte finish. It comes in the same colors as Parure Aqua.

Guerlain Parure: Beige Clair, Beige Naturel, Beige Natural, Beige Moyen, Beige Fonce, Beige Tres Fonce, Rose Naturel, Rose Natural, Dore Naturel, Dore Natural, Dore Moyen, Dore Fonce

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13 Responses to “Guerlain Parure Foundation”

  • charlotte says:

    >thanks for the review!
    Don’t think I can wear any of them though – I’m a 2 in Armani LSF and these look too dark. Drats.

    Guerlain certainly left out us pale-skinned girls!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    >I noticed you only swatched the Aqua. Did there not seem to be a color difference between the two products? I know they have the same NAMES, but do they have the same colors?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >The colors are the same.

  • alexandra_r_c says:

    >Karla I can’t believe guerlain forgot to make a foundation color that matches your skintone, after all the guerlain lemmings you have created here LOL.

  • Autumn Masquerade says:

    >Thanks much for the swatches! I’ve been considering Parure Aqua. I think I need to head to the counter. Not quite certain they have one I can wear…

    The swatches are infinitely helpful!

  • Zic-Yun says:

    >Actually if you’re lighter there is beige pale which is 01. I’m about NC20, Armani Face Fabric 02, Laura Mercier TM Porcelain/Silk Creme Cream Ivory

    02 of Parure would be too dark for me but 01 seems to blend in well even though by itself it still looks a bit dark.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Thank you so much for posting, Zic-yun — it sounds like we’re the same color! I wonder why the counter didn’t have all the available colors…

  • cewek says:

    >Thanks for the review and swatches! I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative foundations – it’s a sickness I have…I wonder how much would it be here in Oz?

  • Lori says:

    >Hey zic-yun, thanks for the info. on 01 – but where did you get it? It’s not even on the Guerlain website!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Mystery solved! Pilinya got the following email from Guerlain:

    I inform you that light colors are available but only for Asia:
    Beige Pale 01
    Ambre Pale 31
    Ambre Clair 32

    However, they are available in our boutique Champs-Elysees in France.

  • Lori says:

    >Thanks for the info.!

  • Aleksis says:

    >Thanks so much for these swatches! :)

  • Cendana says:

    The swatches so handy!! I’m in between 02 or 03, maybe I’ll just get the lighter shade just to be safe… lol I also heard that Aqua runs a little lighter than Extreme?

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