MAC Holiday Lips: Passions of Red and Adoring Carmine

To recap, Passions of Red includes 4 eyeshadow palettes (Warm, Cool, Smoky, and Classic) and 3 lip palettes (Coral, Cool Pink, and Plum). Adoring Carmine includes 3 brush sets and 3 drawstring bags (Red Lips, Neutral Lips, and Rose Lips), each with 3 lip products. If you like the brush sets, I recommend heading to Nordstrom, where they’re $35 each instead of $49.50.

The lip palettes are $22.50 ($27 in Canada) and each comes with a 213SE brush. As with the eye palettes, the color of each compact is slightly different. All three shades in Coral Lips are subtly sparkly. Cool Pink has a very sparkly gloss, a somewhat sparkly lipstick, and the only lipstick that is completely sparkle-free (Make Me Melt). Plum Lips is the sparkliest trio, overall.

The Adoring Carmine sets are $34.50 each ($42 in Canada). All the glosses in Adoring Carmine are sparkly.

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Devoted Poppy: 3 Coral Lips

Transparent Love (lipglass)
Soft Talk (Lustre, lipstick)
Devoted (Lustre, lipstick)

Intriguing Scarlet: 3 Cool Pink Lips
Sheer Vision (lipglass)
Overjoyed (Lustre, lipstick)
Make Me Melt (Frost, lipstick)

Fascinating Ruby: 3 Plum Lips
Mutual Attraction (lipglass)
Insinuate (Lustre, lipstick)
Marvel (Lustre, lipstick)


3 Red Lips

Adore It (Glaze, lipstick)
Racy (Frost, lipstick)
Frostlight (lipglass)

3 Neutral Lips
Soft Spot (Glaze, lipstick)
Real Treasure (Lustre, lipstick)
My Dear (lipglass)

3 Rose Lips
To Swoon For (Glaze, lipstick)
Romancin’ (Lustre, lipstick)
Delicate Crush (lipglass)

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3 Responses to “MAC Holiday Lips: Passions of Red and Adoring Carmine”

  • Valerie says:

    >Ooh, Real Treasure looks awesome. That stinks they only sell in a set!

  • Roxy says:

    >Wow …. more lip porn, as if I need yet another temptation. Karla, yours is one I should avoid viewing at all costs, yet never seem to be able to control my urge and need to see more, more, more … will definitely be grabbing some of these lippies!

  • "Hailey" says:

    >The display looks amazing!

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