MAC Sheer Minerals

Of all the MAC collections out right now, Sheer Minerals excites me the most. Maybe it’s all the buzz over the long-awaited return of Petticoat; maybe I just like sparkly things around the holidays.

It’s a pretty straightforward collection: Mineralized SPF 15 loose powder foundation is being repromoted ($29 / $35 Canada); there are three Mineralize Sheersheen loose powders ($19.50 / $24 Canada); three Mineralize Skinfinish baked, pressed powders ($25 / $30 Canada), a kabuki brush (the 182 — $45 / $55 Canada), and a mini kabuki brush ($30 / $36 Canada).

The Mineralize Sheersheen powders come in three colors: Sheerbronze, Lucent, and Silver Aura (Silver Aura will not be released in Asia). They come in large sifter jars, and I fell in love with them all the moment I swiped them on my arm. I don’t know if this picture really conveys the tiny, subtle sparkle… or if I’m just smitten. Sheerbronze is a bronzer, Lucent is a bit pink (so I’d use it as a blush, or on top of blush), and Silver Aura is more white. You could probably use either Lucent or Silver Aura as a highlighter, depending on your skincolor and highlighting preferences.

Of the MSFs, Petticoat is probably the most talked-about. I did swatch heavily, but Petticoat looked kind of metallic to me. I liked So Ceylon as a bronzer, and Soft & Gentle for a highlighter. The best news of all: Soft and Gentle is permanent! So it will still be available when my birthday comes around… in April.

The divider between swatches is Pearlglide eyeliner Wolf.

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7 Responses to “MAC Sheer Minerals”

  • "Hailey" says:

    >Thanks for the swatches :)

  • Starry x2 night says:

    >Oooh! Thanks for the swatches! I can see what you mean about Petticoat–it really is gorgeous!

  • archellebaker says:

    >Everyone has been having a cow over Petticoat! It IS pretty, though… It just goes to show that you can’t go off the MAC website alone, because there Petticoat looks fugly.

  • Rocketqueen says:

    >I adore Soft & Gentle! Petticoat is just so artifical on me. :(

  • Food, she thought. says:

    >how is everyone wearing petticoat?

  • Jamie says:

    >I agree that petticoat is a bit metallic – I use it as a blush with a light hand, then blend it to reduce the metallic-ness. So Ceylon on me is perfect – not quite a bronzer, not quite a blush. It doesn’t require as much blending as petticoat either.

  • You would not believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Went through 6 pages of Google results without finding anything. First page of Bing. There you are!… Gotta start using this more often

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