Shu Uemura Holiday

Shu Uemura’s Mika Holiday Collection is the result of a collaboration with Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa, and all the packaging features Ninagawa’s work.

The collection includes 3 eye palettes ($65), 3 lipsticks ($23), 2 lipgloss trios ($40), 2 nail polishes ($16), a brush set ($85), an eyeliner trio (drawing pencils in dark blue, burgundy brown, and black, $35), and a makeup bag ($29).

The palettes are pretty outstanding (and seem like a very good deal, given that Shu eyeshadows are ordinarily $20 apiece). Each palette contains 7 shades of eyeshadow and 1 cream liner (the liner is the eighth swatch in each photo). Each shade is unique to its palette, which might explain why they’re selling out so fast. If you want one, do not wait any longer! In terms of pigmentation and quality, you will not be disappointed.

My hands-down favorite was Midnight Winter Sakura. Even though it contains colors that I wouldn’t normally dream of wearing, the shades all have an incredible luminosity to them. The cream liner is black, but has really delicate purple sparkles in it (try putting Beauty Marked over it to kick that up a notch).

Adorned Marguerite made me think of Harajuku Girls… or Indian women coordinating their makeup to their saris. The cream shade is clear with silver sparkles — I guess so you can change up the finish of your eyeshadow?

Secret Luscious Rose is almost as pretty as Midnight Winter Sakura — I didn’t like the colors as much, but they were similarly glowy and intense. The cream liner is a very pretty dark brown.

The lipgloss trios are $40 each, and they do come with a little pouch. The glosses all have doe’s foot wands. Seductive Gerbera contains a sheer berry, a sparkly pink, and a sparkly gold. Delicious Rose has a sheer red, sheer pink, and sheer orange — all shiny but no sparkle.

The brush set ($85) includes Natural 27 (goat brush for face/powder), Natural 17 (pony and squirrel blush brush), Natural 10 (sable and kolinsky — a kind of weasel — eyeshadow placement brush), and Natural 6M (sable lip brush).

Shu Uemura Holiday: Midnight Winter Sakura palette, Adorned Marguerite palette, Adorned Margarite, Adored Marguerite, Secret Luscious Rose palette, Petal Brown Beige, Petal Pink Beige, Petal Orange Beige, Seductive Gerbera, Delicious Rose

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4 Responses to “Shu Uemura Holiday”

  • Joey says:

    >KARLA! This hurts to look at, it’s so gorgeous! The Secret Luscious Rose palette is calling my name…

  • Roxy says:

    >I agree — definitely the Sakura palette. Thanks for the swatches as I would have gone for the Rose palette without your input! You’re so awesome … xo

  • Starry x2 night says:

    >I definitely agree about the Sakura palette! Purple sparkle in the black liner is an interesting concept. The Rose palette is also so, so gorgeous. Can’t. Stop. Staring. *__*

  • Kathi says:

    >I ordered the Sakura palette earlier this week =D I can’t wait to see it in real life, your swatches look so rich and vibrant =D

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