Urban Decay eyeshadow, part 2

The Urban Decay love-fest continues! To go back to part 1, click here.

I’m getting over my Urban Decay prejudice. Before I started testing their products, I would never have thought UD was a brand for me. Their grungy display, the brand name (Decay?), the names of products (Roach? Baked?) made me think they were punk — or “teen” at the very least. And while they do have those products (purple glitter eyeliner), I’ve come to think they’re worth a look.

Uzi contains over-the-top, large, chunky glitter. Many of today’s shades are quite frosty (Twice Baked is not). And Strip and S&M have BFFs in MAC’s Electra and Silver Ring. UD shadows are $16, and their website contains information about which shades are vegan. I’m pleased to say their website also identifies which shades contain glitter.

I’ll still probably never feel comfortable using a product called Roach. (Ew. I wish it were just a drug reference.)

Urban Decay eyeshadow: Blunt, Sellout, Twice Baked, Toasted, Half Baked, Baked, Blaze, Smog, Uzi, Strip, S&M, S and M, SnM

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2 Responses to “Urban Decay eyeshadow, part 2”

  • jojoba says:

    >these are the kind of neutrals i will like. but the problem is UD is no longer available in Malaysia due to lacking of business.

    great swatches again. love your arm!

  • Joey says:

    >I need Toasted! =)

  • Genevieve says:

    >thank you SO much for doing this! i don't have time to go over to the local sephora stores, and i know from experience that their color swatches online aren't the best gauge for actual color on skin. this prevented me from getting too dark of a shade, so thanks again!

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