Wishlist continued: Color cosmetics

Sephora caused a minor explosion today by emailing out a variety of discount coupons to random members of their Beauty Insiders club. While I try to clear my head from that…

I had already started my Christmas/Sephora Friends and Family wishlist — with skincare and hair stuff (you know, life’s basic necessities). After MUCH deliberation, I think I’m ready to continue on to color cosmetics.

1. Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Honey Blush ($14)
I’m extremely picky about lipsticks, and I think Clinique’s High Impacts are great: surprisingly long-lasting, not drying, and just $14! It’s a combination I haven’t found in any other lipstick to-date. Here’s my original review, along with swatches of all the colors, so you can pick your favorite.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss #3 ($28)

I know these are expensive, but every time I put Golden Gloss #3 on my lips, I think, “life is too short to wear anything else.” Simply put, it looks like magic; people will stop you on the street and ask you what you’re wearing. They’re also super long-lasting and not sticky at all. Click for my original review and swatches, or for swatches of #14 and #15, which were introduced this fall.

3. Lancome Cappucine Blush Subtil ($29.50)
I used to be a one-blush kind of girl — logically, I should only need a blush the same color as my natural flush, right? Well, I discovered that different blushes do different things. Nude blushes add color to your face without adding pinkness, so they’re the perfect pairing with brighter lips — or they’re a great choice for that natural-beauty, less-makeup look.

Straight-up nude blushes look muddy on my cheeks, but Cappucine is just perfect: it’s got a bit of peachiness to it, which keeps it from looking muddy.

4. Dior Quint in Sky Glow (009)
This one was hard. It was going to be Dior’s Iridescent Leather palette, but I got an email from Sephora this morning saying it’s not coming back in stock. So I settled on Sky Glow instead. I like that it has both grey and brown in it; I think the white will make a nice highlight; and I’m going to be brave and try something new with that sky blue. (If you have tips on where/how to use blue eyeshadow, please send them my way.)

If you’re lamenting the loss of Iridescent Leather, Earth Reflection may ease your pain. And if green works better for you than blue, you might want to check out Tropical Light instead. There will definitely be more Dior quint swatches before you have to make your holiday shopping decisions.

5. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero ($16)
I really need a black liner that will stay put, so even though it might seem like a boring wish, I’m putting Urban Decay’s on my list. If you need a little more excitement in your eyeliner, Urban Decay has plenty to choose from, and orangewasabi was so kind as to swatch them.

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6 Responses to “Wishlist continued: Color cosmetics”

  • The DeMarcus Family says:

    >ACK! Now you have me inrigued about these. I looked at the swatches you have but #3 is missing from your arm! #2 is calling my name!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I know! Major regret! They didn’t have that one the day I was swatching. But there are so many more colors now anyway that I’m going to have to do those over again (not that I mind! They’re so beautiful!)

    At least YSL’s own swatches of these are incredibly accurate.

  • Valerie says:

    >Last time I was in, my Sephora had lots of the Iridescent Leather in stock… just let me know if you decide you need it and need a CP. :-)

  • jojoba says:

    >YSL GG #3 is my favourite among the lot too. however, i have no interest whatsoever in clinique lispticks now. they used to be my ONLY lipsticks for years when I was younger as they are cheap. that 009 sky glow is calling my name again. sigh. i dislike the holday diro quints and skipped both but this one keeps coming back!

    but but but… you have to check out Clarins e/s quad, better quality than Dior’s in a way, if you don’t want e/s too frosty… :P

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I have no particular love for Clinique lipsticks at-large, but the High Impact formula is really something special. If you haven’t checked them out, you’ve just got to. :)

  • Heather says:

    >I have been on a leave of absence from my job since July 1st. I’ve been back to work (remotely) for a month and get my first paycheck this Friday. And to think I waited all that time for payday so I could build a massive Sephora list and blow my play money in one fell swoop. Damn you, Karla! (Well, not really, but you know what I mean.)

    I’ll let you know how the shipitapo.com works out for the benefit of any of any military/foreign service peeps out there.

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