Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not particularly seeking out vegan products — but I do appreciate how difficult the search can be, and I’m always excited to learn about brands that take those needs into consideration.

Cue Fyrinnae (“Fyeer-ih-nay”), online makeup e-tailer whose line is 100% vegan, 100% not tested on animals. A company after my own heart, they also swatch their products (wet and dry) to help you make those online purchasing decisions.

Sparkle is the hardest thing to capture in picures, and most of today’s shades contain tiny micro sparkles (Tapir and Oil Spill are the chief exceptions). I swatched these shadows dry, with sponge-tip disposable applicators, but — as with most loose shadows, especially sparkly ones — it’s probably best to apply over a base to minimize fallout (I like MAC Paint Pots). Fyrinnae’s website says best results are achieved by pressing or patting on the shadows, rather than swiping.

Faerie Glamour and Mystic (pictured left, Fyrinnae’s images) are both Arcane Magic shades, which means the colors are duochrome — they shift colors as light moves across them. I wasn’t able to achieve this effect this time (bad technique, perhaps). To my eye, Mystic was a soft black with blue sparkles, and Faerie Glamour was purple with blue sparkles.

Fire Opal is brown with copper sparkles; Still Breathing is a striking black with magenta; Sluagh is purple with pink-gold sparkles. Hypercool is black with blue sparkles, whereas Boytoy is black with apple green sparkles. Baby Beluga is ice blue, and Polar Bear is warm gold sparkles that made me think of The Golden Compass. Nijiro is white with those tiny iridescent sparkles (compare to MAC’s Vanilla pigment, which reflects peach-pink-gold and lacks the tiny sparkles).

Tapir is one of the selections in the Endangered Collection, 17 shades inspired by endangered animals, and a portion of the proceeds from every Endangered shadow is donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Bad news: Oil Spill was discontinued a few months ago (sorry to be a tease — I didn’t realize when I was swatching). Good news: It was replaced by the prettier, more blendable Sea Turtle. Even better news: Sea Turtle is one of the shades from the Endangered Collection.

Fyrinnae loose eyeshadows are between $5 and $6 (for 1–1.5 teaspoons of shadow) — or you can pick up a sample for $1.75. They arrive in clear jars (not baggies, hallelujah!), and shipping is $3 domestic, $3.50 international, or free for orders over $25 — worldwide. Their Lip Lustres (stain-glosses) are $2.50 each; liquid eyeliners are between $9 and $11.

Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadows: Fire Opal, Oil Spill, Still Breathing, Mystic, Faerie Glamour, Slaugh, Hypercool, Boytoy, Tapir, Daemon’s Tail, Lucky Charmed, Kurisumasu!, Snow Leopard, Lousy Tip, Nijiro, Baby Beluga, Polar Bear

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4 Responses to “Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow”

  • Starry x2 night says:

    >Gotta love Fyrinnae–just wish their shipping was better.

    Gorgeous swatches as always! Thank you!

  • ktb8293 says:

    >I really liked the neutrals. Thanks to THE ARM!

  • ko0ty says:

    >Wow those colors are so beautiful and pigmented. Thanks for the review!

  • AutumnTwilight says:

    >I used to be quite the fan of Fyrinnae but have given them up for good due to their terrible wear time. The swatches always look beautiful, but after wearing their shades only an hour or two, they are smudgey and the all the shimmer and glimmer is usually gone.

    They are a very reasonably priced alternative to brands like MAC though, and they are usually generous with including extras in orders (often times I would get 2 or 3 sample jars in my order).

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