Homage to Panacea81

Technology is amazing.

I’m not much of a youtuber (youtubist?), but I learn best when someone is explaining something to me. And when my imagination gets a little carried away, I envision women in small town America — or India, or Russia — who don’t have easy access to makeup counters and personal consultations. How amazing that with an internet connection, they have access to thousands of personal consultants worldwide, willing to explain and demonstrate anything from eyebrow threading to the correct application of bronzer.

One of my favorite youtubists (and personal heroes) is Panacea81. It’s not (just) that she’s a success story; she inspires me because she’s so incredibly approachable. Watching her on youtube is like having a phone call with an old friend. She’s also using drugstore brands to create makeup looks from work-friendly to runway-ready — meaning her tutorials are accessible to anyone. And finally, she makes it look so easy. I’ve seen some amazing eyeshadow looks (online, in magazines, and on TV) and had not the slightest idea how to go about creating them — but Panacea81 makes it look like something even I could do.

She recently published this “Arabic makeup look” tutorial, the perfect example taking something that I thought was way out of my league and turning it into something I might try this weekend. I definitely recommend browsing her youtube channel.

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4 Responses to “Homage to Panacea81”

  • Cunnington the Third. says:

    >I’m totally with you. I’ve been watching her videos for almost a year probably and she’s really inspiring.

    She’s so down to earth and I just wish I could go shopping with her and hang out since shes such a sweet girl!

    I’m so happy that success is coming to her because she totally deserves it.


  • archellebaker says:

    >I used to watch her videos all the time, then I tried to order some brushes from her. BAD IDEA. IMO she is really unprofessional, and she lost my subscription.

  • chickadee1066 says:

    >I bought a brush set from her recently with no problems, but it does require some patience. I absolutely love her tutorials, and they have inspired me to try more adventurous looks with my makeup and to have more confidence when doing so. Love her!

  • Melissa says:

    >I’m another fan of her videos, she has done some amazing looks!



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