Laura Mercier Holiday Sets: Master Tool Box

A few months ago, Laura Mercier reformulated, repackaged her eyeshadows, and raised the price from $20 to $22. Naturally people were unhappy about the change, and most said that the consistency of the new shadows was not as good as the old ones. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to swatching the old shadows before they disappeared… and I haven’t gotten to the new ones yet.

But I’ve been swatching her holiday palettes (there are five in all; one is lips-only), and so far I’ve found the eyeshadows to be totally satisfactory: smooth, pigmented, and quite pretty. Were these palettes manufactured before the great reformulation? Are the new products just as good as the old? Were these ones made especially for the holiday palettes?? Only The Shadow knows.

The Master Tool Box is a double-decker, mirrored palette with 5 lipsticks in the top compartment and 5 eyeshadows in the bottom compartment (keeping powder out of your lip stuff! Hooray!). It comes with two brushes — a double-eye brush and a lip brush — and a separate kohl eyeliner pencil. The whole kit is $68, and shipping is free if you order from before December 16.

I swatched the Tool Kit before I realized it came with an eye kohl, hence the second photo. The eye kohl is Black Violet and it is REALLY blackened violet. If you tried on MAC’s Pearlglide in Rave and thought it was a little too bright, Black Violet is probably what you’re looking for.

Laura’s eye kohls are absolutely a dream to apply, but they’re not smudge-proof. This isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, but I thought I should mention it.

Laura Mercier Master Toolbox: Twilight Grey, Twilight Gray, Chocolate, Fresco, Rose, Morning Dew, Tea Rose, Pink Champagne, Cinnamon, Amaretto, Garnet, Black Violet, Blackened Violet

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One Response to “Laura Mercier Holiday Sets: Master Tool Box”

  • Joey says:

    >I’d love the eye part…but the lippies leave much to be desired, I think.

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