The Non-Sephora Wishlist

I had previously published my Sephora wishlist, both color cosmetics and skin- and haircare. Now that their Friends and Family sale is over, I still have a few non-Sephora wishes. I have no idea where you could get these at a discount, but I think they’re worth wishing for.

1. MAC Wolf ($14.50)
When I first swatched the Pearlglide eyeliners in Suite Array, they were so soft I immediately dismissed them. They would be too imprecise; I would make too thick a line; and I actually broke the tip off one of them just by swatching it. …But a few weeks later I tried Wolf on my eyes and I was amazed by the effect. The silver liner really brightened and opened up my eyes — if I were feeling lazy, I could wear it alone, because it looks good even without shadow (and there are plenty of lazy days).

2. Chanel Smoky Quad ($56)
I fell in love with this quad the moment I swatched it — I look great in grey shadow and the subtle sparkle gave me visions of fabulous Christmas parties where I’d air-kiss Liv Tyler and Reese Witherspoon. The dream is still alive.

I think grey eyeshadow is hot right now (and I swatched a bunch of them). MAC is also releasing a collection called Chill on December 26, and it’s very much in the same color-scheme. You could wait for it (if you can wait that long), but you’d still end up paying $58 for four individual pots.

3. Prescriptives False Eyelashes ($19.50)
I rarely talk about mascara, first because it’s impossible to swatch, and second because your mileage may vary — what works wonders for me may not work for you at all.

I feel most feminine when I emphasize my eyes, and two of my favorite tools are eyeliner (which defines the eye and creates the illusion of fuller lashes) and mascara to make my lashes look long and thick. False Eyelashes is my absolute favorite. It doesn’t get crunchy, it doesn’t make spider lashes, it just gives amazing length and volume without saying, “Look, I’m wearing mascara!”

4. Spare camera battery ($34.52)
Okay, I’ll concede this is not a piece of useful holiday shopping advice. But a few times now swatching expeditions have been cut short by sudden battery death (SBD). And each time I think, “a blogging professional would been prepared for this situation.” December is a good time to start looking for deals on electronic paraphernalia, right?

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2 Responses to “The Non-Sephora Wishlist”

  • Valerie says:

    >Doh, dreaded SBD! I bet if you put up a little “donate for a spare camera battery” button up on the site, your readers could cover it. There’s gotta be at least 35 of us willing to donate a measly dollar-it’s in our best interest!

    (I’d be willing to donate to buy you mascara or eyeshadow too, though) :-)

  • jojoba says:

    >don’t like chanel smokey quad!!! seriously, it’s not smokey enough. you have to put Cle de peau BEAUTE Eye Color Quad #14 on your list. :P

    so kill me!

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