Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow

Matte eyeshadow lovers, rejoice — the world is conspiring in your favor!

I keep hearing from matte lovers who feel frustrated by a lack of options. And when I think about who I expect to see in matte eyeshadow, my mental image is generally the more conservative user (in terms of style, not political leaning). With that in mind, some great choices can be found in unexpected places.

Urban Decay (antithesis of conservative) offers a nice, if not exhaustive, selection of matte shades ranging from work-safe to “fun.” They’re smooth, creamy, pigmented, and easy to apply. Almost all these shades are vegan, but purchase carefully — there is a non-matte UD shade also called Purple Haze. This is an incredibly subtle distinction, but the matte shades come in matte grey pots; the regular shades are in shinier, silver pots.

Both the “regular” and the matte shades are $16 each.

To check out MAC’s matte offering, click here.
To see more UD shadows (shimmer neutrals), click here.
Or here (more neutrals).
Or here (greens and blues).

Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow: Revolver, Perversion, Secret Service, Yeyo, Heist, Shakedown, ABC Gum, Illegal, Naked, Foxy, Purple Haze, Cult, Narcotic, Electric

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13 Responses to “Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow”

  • SarahM says:

    >Heist is pretty. *sigh*

  • AutumnTwilight says:

    >I am so glad you swatched these!!! You are my hero for the week! :D

  • itsliz89 says:

    >You always have THE best swatches! Thank you!!

  • Aahirah Amir says:

    >i have been looking for good ud matte swatches, these are great! thanks!

  • Cendana says:

    Love it love it!! You’ve confirmed my need to get my hands on these!! hehehe Thank you so much for the swatch!!

  • Carlene says:

    Illegal was my first UD eyeshadow- glad I got it before it was gone

  • anne says:

    to me the shades “heist” and “cult” look equal on my screen at least. how do they differ from eachother?

  • hannah says:

    They all look very pretty! althrough they’re 22$ in canada each! :( guess i’ll have to wait for a palette sigh -.-

  • hannah says:

    oh and to anne^ cult is more purple and bright and heist could be used in a eyeday look :)

  • anne says:

    thank you hanna! (i love colours like heit and cult. taupe in every variation just looks always best on me.) :-)

  • Carla N. says:

    I’m 47, and though my skin, even the eye area, is still fairly smooth, I find myself really liking the flattering “soft focus” effect that matte shadows impart.
    I agree that good mattes are hard to find!
    Unfortunately, these gorgeous Urban Decay ones featured in this review seem to have been discontinued! :( (( Fortunately, I was able to get all of the neutral shades (except Secret Serrvice, which seems to be rather dupe-able, anyhow) before they disappeared.
    Fellow matte-lovers should check out Stila, MAC, Prescriptives, or even Avon for some beautiful, though not numerous, matte options.

  • Luna says:

    I purchased a few of these Matte colours and they are buttery soft powder and blend so easily.
    BUT… the colour disappears so quickly.
    I used my usual Painterly Paint Pot as a base but still the shadow disappeared after a couple of hours.
    These eyeshadow have no grip in them at all. They are too soft and fluffy and almost fly away from your lids.
    Try them on your hand and brush over them lightly with your fingers and they actually disappear into thin air.
    Was so disappointed as the colours are gorgeous.

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