Chanel Spring 2009

Chanel Spring has already arrived at many counters, and the beautiful, bohemian/gypsy-inspired collection is already turning a lot of heads. If you’re shopping online, it’s on all the major department store websites (and Chanel’s, of course), but not grouped as a new collection. Look for each item by category instead.

1. Mystic Eyes Eyeshadow Quad ($56)
For some reason, Chanel eyeshadow doesn’t photograph well. I felt this way about the Smoky Eye Quad, too — the beautiful shadows I’d seen twinkling in the sunlight just didn’t translate in the picture. It’s a source of major frustration, because Mystic Eyes is a beautiful quad (and one of Chanel’s more pigmented offerings, I thought). The shades are dark, cool brown, very light pink, a gorgeous dove grey with a hint of purple, and a warm, medium brown.

2. Fandango Joues Contraste Blush ($42)
Fandango is an unusual color. Under department store lights, it looks peach-brown — but as I turned my arm in the sunlight, it looked peach, and reflected pink at some angles. I’m not sure this is a color for me, but the Chanel sales associate insisted it looked good on everyone.

3. Liberty and Magic Night Eyeshadow Singles ($28.50)

Liberty is a pretty, springy, light peach, but oh, Magic Night! “Magic” was definitely the appropriate word. Magic Night is a sparkly, plummy brown — definitely worth your attention.

4. Malta and Positano Aqualumiere lipsticks ($27)
Spring brings two glossy, semi-sheer new Aqualumieres, Chanel’s extra-moisturizing, SPF 15 lipstick formula. Malta is a sparkly canyon rose (sparkles are gold); Positano is a sheer beige-pink.

5. A plethora of Rouge Hydrabase lipsticks ($27)
Compared to the Aqualumieres, Rouge Hydrabases are a little more pigmented, and offer a little more coverage (they also contain vitamin E to soften your lips). The new lipsticks come in a range of warm and cool colors.

6. Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Brun Cuivre – $28
Chanel’s latest eyeliner shade is a rich, glowy, reflective brown that immediately reminded me of the intensity of Laura Mercier’s eye kohls and MAC’s Pearlglides.

7. Glossimer (Levres Scintillantes) in Beige Guitare and Wild Rose – $26
Lovers of Chanel’s doe-foot-applicator, non-sticky glosses will be pleased to see two more additions to the line. Beige Guitare is a sheer yellow-beige with intense pink sparkle. Wild Rose is a mauvey shade with much smaller silver sparkles. Wild Rose was swatched twice to show heavy and sheer application.

8. Rouge Double Intensite (Ultra Wear Lip Color) in Opal Rose and Alexandrite – $32
Rouge Double Intensite is Chanel’s double-ended, near-permanent lip color. One end contains the pigment (which would be drying if worn alone), and the other end contains a clear gloss to keep lips shiny and smooth.

9. Ombre d’Eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow – $32
Chanel seems to be once more embracing its “fluid eyeshadow,” a square tube of intense liquid pigment that you apply with a doe’s foot applicator. The new shade for spring is called Delta, and I deeply regret that the seasonal unit had instead been supplied with two permanent colors: Source and Sand, which I didn’t realize until too late.

The spring collection also includes two shades of nail polish (Django and Vendetta), a lip palette with 6 shades forming Chanel’s iconic Double Cs, Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in Brun, and a Natural Finish Pressed Powder in Beige.

Finally, I attempted another swatch video, to better show the sparkles in the new glossimers.

Chanel 2009 Spring: Mystic Eyes Quad, Fandango, Liberty, Magic Night, Aqualumiere, Rouge Hydrabase, Malta, Positano, Rose Rebelle, Rose Rebel, Euphoria, Fiesta, Fuego, Beige Desire, Gipsy Scarlet, Gypsy Scarlet, Brun Cuivre, Brun-Cuivre, Glossimer, Beige Guitare, Beige Guitar, Wild Rose, Opal Rose, Alexandrite, Source, Sand

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9 Responses to “Chanel Spring 2009”

  • Valerie says:

    >holy crap, that quad looks perfect doesn’t it? This might be the first time I’ve ever been tempted by Chanel!

    Swatch videos are fun- it’s like I’m there with you! :-)

  • SW says:

    >I agree, this quad is a beaut. Too bad I just finished buying a ton of palettes recently. I think my BB Plum palette, will have to do for now.

  • jojoba says:

    >Fandango sounds and look like my recent purchase of Pupa Lyminus Velvet Baked Blush 05!!! but i still need to look at the chanel version in person to decide. i hope it’s not US only. i want to touch it!!!

    karla, i want to KISS your arm!!!

  • Amy says:


    Your review of this collection is genius. I absolutely LOVE that you added videos! You are right on top of the latest makeup releases, your pictures are awesome–I love the swatching compared to the commercial product pictures that companies put out. SOOOOO much more useful. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to see the darker Ombre D’eau–I grabbed it fast because I think the first release of this wasn’t large. It’s a gorgeous liquid version of the darker single–really nice. I hope this doesn’t sell out its a really wearable dark. Thanks again for your beautiful work!

  • jojoba says:

    >correction, it’s not like my pupa 05 at all. i just tried it and it’s too brown for me. :(

  • styrch says:

    >Karla, is Magic Night perm? I was looking on Nordstrom’s website and it doesn’t have “Limited Edition” next to it so I was curious. Thanks!

  • melanie says:

    >Hey, are you outside of Northpark in this pic? I could be wrong but I live in Dallas and it looked familiar. Thanks for your great swatches!

  • a says:

    >Helloo Karla!
    Thanks for being a godsend!

    I have a swatch request…
    for the Lift Lumiere range of foundations & concealers!
    I am about to click "buy" at an online shop for the Lift Lumiere concealer in Abricot (because my country doesnt have it), but not sure if it's the right color..

    many many thanks in advance! :) )

  • WebsiteTraffic says:

    >Your blog is like an encyclopedia for those who want to know more about this. Thanks for the interesting information.

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