Chanel Tweed Blush

In the not-too-distant past, Chanel made a blush with a quilted pattern, called Irreelle. These were much less popular than the circular, domed Joues Contraste (because the Irreelles were less pigmented, and tended to harden over time, I’ve heard). So Chanel discontinued the Irreelles and released a new nod to their sartorial history: the Tweed Blush (Les Tissages de Chanel, or Blush Duo Tweed Effect).

Given how bright these look in the pan, I thought they went on surprisingly demurely. I definitely built up the color to best show the differences between the four shades; one swipe of Tweed Pink is actually quite ladylike (though the cool pink powder does contain some microscopic sparkles). Tweed Rose is the subtlest, and it appeared to be sparkle-free. Tweed Ambre was the most pigmented.

Tweed blushes are $45 (Coco, say it ain’t so), and they are permanent. The tweed pattern and color variation affect the top layer only, though as you work your way down through the powder, you’ll find the two halves of the pan are two different shades (hence Blush DUO Tweed Effect).

Chanel Tweed Blush: Tweed Pink, Tweed Corail, Tweed Coraile, Tweed Coral, Tweed Rose, Tweed Ambre, Tweed Amber

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8 Responses to “Chanel Tweed Blush”

  • birkinbagbeauty says:

    >I have been eyeing them in the store and I have a major crush on the Tweed rose one. But the price, ouch…

  • E says:

    >I forgot how much I want Coral, but I just don’t think I can stomach $45 for blush…yikes.

  • SW says:

    >Love Mocha. I wonder if Tweed Rose is very similar. These are worth $45, if you can find your perfect shade.

  • Miss Tayva says:

    >Tweed Pink is calling my name… but the price! Hmmmm… will have to think this one over.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah says:

    >Tweed pink for me, please! Thanks for this review, I’ve been wanting to see how pigmented these are :)

  • Beauty411 says:

    >It's so hard for me to resist a blush & these are so beautiful; but I can't justify the $45 price. Yet. :(

  • S. says:

    Karla–which shade looks best on your?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I haven’t bought one (oh, price point), but Tweed Corail would be my choice.

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