Dior Quints: Incognito and Sunset Cafe

Two more quints to add to the swatch archives! These things are like Pokemon. (I “gotta catch ‘em all” — and I can force them to do battle with one another).

I imagine Incognito was so adorably named because it is the subtlest of the quints. It’s the very definition of an “everyday” palette, in my mind — nothing flashy — but it may not have the pigmentation to satisfy darker skinned ladies. And though it seems like a “complete” quint to me (yellow beige, cream, pink, brown, grey — we’ve covered the spectrum), I’m not sure I know how to put those colors together. I guess I would pair one of the light shades (first three; lid) with one of the dark shades (brown or grey; crease)? Brilliant ideas are welcome, as always.

The duochromey-ness of Sunset Cafe makes it unusual among the quints — I’m almost surprised it’s not one of the iridescent palettes. The first shade swatched (top-left in the quint) is pink-peach-gold. The next shade (top right) is a pink… that seems to glow. I don’t know how else to explain it. I actually included a close up so you could see what I was talking about. The color in the bottom left is a very orange gold.

Dior quints are $54 each.

Dior eyeshadow quints: 030, Incognito, 440, Sunset Cafe

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5 Responses to “Dior Quints: Incognito and Sunset Cafe”

  • peachgirl says:

    >Wow! Who knew sunset café would look that lovely! I think I might have to add this to my x-mas wishlist…Thanks for swatching!

  • E says:

    >Oooo…sunset cafe is much nicer than I would have thought! I have to say, this is the first time I’ve been *happy* that a Dior quint swatches so differently from how it looks in the pan. I think I need this one :)

  • jojoba says:

    >i always overlooked colours like sunset cafe as they are too close. reminds me of japanese makeup that i don’t normally like.

    but this is beautifully put once you swatched. gotta go see it in person. :)

  • Belowen says:

    >I received the Incognito set (mini version) in a Dior Gift pack, and it’s lasted me practically forever… I use 2 shades at a time, and have never quite figured out how to combine the three together!

  • Tinai says:

    >I have been wearing Incognito since the Spring and love it. I did a Sephora eye make-over in the Spring and have been wearing it every since then.

    I use the top right (off-white)under the brow down to the eyelid crease. I use the top left (vanilla) on the lid. I use one of the bottom two colors to highlight the crease area. I then take the middle (peach) color to highlight just above the crease highlight color. I would of never thought to do the peach highlight but the girl in Sephora did it and it made the browner colored crease color pop.

    Hope this helps!

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