Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencils

Laura Mercier must like eyeliner as much as I do (she sells five different kinds). We’ve already looked at her cake and caviar liners, pressed pans of pigment you apply with a brush — and I keep hinting at how much I like her kohl pencils.

Laura has two kinds of pencil eyeliners (both $19). I meant to swatch only the Kohl Eye Pencils, but there was a regular Eye Pencil right there, so I was inspired to compare. The Eye Pencils only come in three colors — black, brown, and blue — and they’re not quite as soft and smooth as the Kohls… they feel a little waxier (though the Pencils do not claim to be waterproof).

That’s not necessarily a strike against the Eye Pencils; the Kohls are just a dream to apply. For me, these pencils are foolproof — their fantastic texture makes them extremely quick and easy to put on. The only downside? Definitely not waterproof/smudgeproof. The Kohls are also all rich, vibrant, very blackened colors. Black Violet (a very black purple) has the least amount of sparkle. Brown Copper is a rich brown that falls somewhere between Sephora’s Electro Choc and MAC’s Molasses. Antique Jade is a forest green (click to see MAC’s Kohl Power liners); Stormy Grey is a beautiful charcoal that pulls a bit blue on my eyes. Black Gold is exactly my definition of “antique gold;” Black Navy is sapphire; and Black Turquoise is a fantastic jewel-toned teal.

According to Laura’s website, I neglected to swatch Purple Sapphire and Iced Blue. Fortunately, Purple Sapphire was included in Nordstrom’s Anniversary set this year, so you can see a swatch of it here. Laura’s website is also offering free shipping through December 16, 1 P.M. CST.

Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencils: Black Violet, Brown Copper, Antique Jade, Stormy Grey, Stormy Gray, Black Gold, Black Navy, Black Turquoise

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4 Responses to “Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencils”

  • Neelam says:

    I got a set of 5 mini kohl pencils….love them. The set is a bit pricey for the amount of product you get, but the product goes on like a dream.

  • Sally says:

    not recommended, bought two, it smudges

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Kohl pencils are smudgy by definition, best used for the waterline (or intentionally smudged/messy, with powder on top). How were you using them?

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