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Hello, Possums!

While Dame Edna Everage is a household name in the U.K. and Australia, I’m afraid it might not be too familiar to the American audience. Dame Edna is an Australian comedy act — a hilariously kooky, delightfully self-confident old woman, who can slyly make fun of people and get away with it on account of her age and title. She’s been performing for just over 50 years, and if you like The Office (or if you have fond memories for that PBS classic Are You Being Served?), Dame Edna might be just your cup of tea.

The collection from MAC includes:

  • Two eyeshadow trios ($32.50)
  • Three lipsticks ($14)
  • Three lipglasses ($14)
  • Two highlight powders ($26)
  • Two nail polishes ($11, not swatched)

The eyeshadow trios weren’t my favorite part of the collection; I wouldn’t know where to begin with colors this bright. Several of the Velvets had that hard, dusty texture (particularly Climate Blue), and Fineshine is a stereotypical Lustre (large glitter, potential for fallout). In terms of color, it’s halfway between Forgery and Idol Eyes. I did think Divine Knight might do pretty well as a single.

I think MAC is pretty on-trend at the moment with bright, matte lipsticks. The lipglasses are extremely sparkly — I’ve included a swatch video to better show this off.

The two highlight powders have a delightfully flashy overspray, which will very quickly wear away to reveal a very pale powder. Spectacle! is a pale pink, probably better suited to fairer skintones, and What a Dame! is peachy, probably better for darker skintones.

Dame Edna: Royal Tour, Dame’s Desire, Climate Blue, Fineshine, Wisteria, Divine Knight, Coral Polyp, Kanga-Rouge, Kangarouge, Kanga Rouge, Gladiola, Splendid, Hot Frost, Possum Nose, Spectacle, What a Dame

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7 Responses to “MAC Dame Edna”

  • SchokoAddict says:

    >I love your swatches, thanks so much! They are very helpful for me as your skintone is very similar to mine and the MAC collections are available a few days later than in the US.

  • Manda says:

    >Great post! Hmm, maybe I do want some of those lip products after seeing these colour-true swatches. Damn! :P

  • Pixie says:

    >The lipsticks look interesting. I was considering one of the highlight powders, but I’m a little underwhelmed.

    Thank you for the swatches :)

  • lucy says:

    >Dame Edna is a man! Haha

  • MariahGem says:

    >I love your swatches! But I wanted to add, you forgot to mention, she’s also a DUDE! XD ROTFL

  • Gail says:

    >wow a video swatch! Ingenious!

    Love Dame Edna, but the collection leaves me cold.

  • WebsiteTraffic says:

    >It is a very nice and good post. Keep up the good work.

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