Stila Eyeshadow, Part 1

For those of you with fond memories of the SATs, Kitten:Stila::Orgasm:NARS. (For those of you who didn’t take them, Kitten is to Stila what Orgasm is to NARS — the product that each brand is best known for.)

I resisted Stila eyeshadows for a long time, because its flagship eyeshadow didn’t appeal to me. I also thought that Kitten was representative of all Stila shadows; I expected them to be frosty and low on pigment. When I finally buckled down and swatched them, I was pleasantly surprised. Today’s swatches are rather softly pigmented, but most aren’t as frosty as Kitten, and the shadows are quite soft (easy on the eyelids). Stila also has some beautifully pigmented shades, and a nice range of matte neutrals.

I definitely recommend clicking on the swatch picture to view at full size. Moonlight is a shimmery white; Cloud is a silvery, purply soft taupe; Sparkle is brown-gold; Oasis is frosty peach-pink-gold; Prize is a frosty cool gold; Kitten is frosty silver pink; Launey is peach beige; Starlight is a sparkly peach; and Shell is blush.

The Stila website carries 25 more colors than are available on Sephora’s website, but wherever you get them, the eyeshadows are sold as loose pans for $18 each. You can buy the pot separately for $2, which means these are effectively $20 each for non-palette people like me.

For you Americans I want to mention one of the best inventions since the internet itself: a website called Beauty Crunch. Here, Stila (and Too Faced, DuWop, and others) are deeply discounted, and it’s a good place to find products you thought you missed out on. Shipping is a flat $7.95.

Stila, eyeshadow, swatches, Moonlight, Cloud, Sparkle, Oasis, Prize, Kitten, Launey, Starlight, ShellStila eyeshadow: Moonlight, Cloud, Sparkle, Oasis, Prize, Kitten, Launey, Starlight, Shell

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3 Responses to “Stila Eyeshadow, Part 1”

  • jojoba says:

    >tell me about beauty crunch again and i’d kill someome! when i was looking for those stila baked trio and blush duos, i kept seeing how cheap they are on that site but i couldn’t get them that way so i swapped and how i dislike swapping as it’s a long and agonizing wait and sometimes things get lost… and that sometimes, is rather often in my case even if i have the stuff registered.

    anyway, that’s side tracked… but i love the swatches. they just look too bloody similar on your arm. shame on stila. great quality but poor colouring. i just think that stila should start doing some colours outside neutrals… but that’s just me…

  • Amina says:

    >i knew you were going to like them!
    I am obsessed about beautycrunch.
    i am there every week to see which goodies they brought back

  • hannah says:

    is there a mac dupe for oasis?

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