MAC Blonde Brunette Redhead

MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, promo, BBRKnowing how highly many of you are anticipating the release of MAC’s Blonde Brunette Redhead collection, I put everything else on hold to bring you this late-breaking swatch project. Blonde Brunette Redhead is scheduled to launch online January 9, 2009.

Blonde Brunette Redhead is a large collection based on the classic color recommendations for the typical woman of a particular haircolor. Naturally, you’re under no obligation to honor tradition — you shouldn’t feel obligated to stay within one color group either. I found myself liking Redhead best, in general, but I’d definitely borrow pieces from Blonde and Brunette.

BBR includes nine eyeshadows — three per hair color — they are each $14.50. I was baffled by some of the finishes; specifically, some of the Frosts did not behave at all like what I’d expect from that finish.

I didn’t like Deep Shade, 100 Strokes, or Top Knot at all, they felt dry and chalky. I actually think there might have been something wrong with my counter’s pot of Deep Shade. Despite scuffing the surface with first a tissue, and then a clean mascara spoolie, I couldn’t get it to yield any pigment at all. Henna is exactly like Sumptuous Olive (and they’re both Veluxe Pearls — I swatched them together below). And though Femme-Fi didn’t excite me when it came out last fall in Neo Sci-Fi, I really liked it this time for some reason — it was a lovely sparkly pale gold or champagne.

Flip is a pretty, orangey gold, and behaves like you’d expect a Frost to behave. French Cuff is similar to Mythology, but a little more melon (these are also swatched together below). 100 Strokes is not as brown as it may look in this picture — both 100 Strokes and Top Knot are kind of like Beauty Marked, a dark base with purple or blue sparkles in them (also somewhat dry, as velvets can be). Pincurl is grey with blue smoke, almost duochrome. Knight is a charcoal grey with a definite blue undertone (click here to compare it to Silver Ring and Knight Divine).

MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, swatches, Deep Shade, Henna, Femme Fi, Flip, French Cuff, 100 Strokes, Pincurl, Knight, Top KnotMAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, swatches, comparison, Henna, Sumptuous Olive, French Cuff, MythologyThe lipsticks were quite pretty — the peachy “Redhead” shades piqued my interest — though I thought I remembered hearing from the experts that Lustres and Frosts are not MAC’s most moisturizing finishes. The lipglasses are all extremely sparkly and lovely; expect a lot of pigment from Quick Tease, Red Devil, and Strawberry Blonde. Strawberry Blonde also has tiny blue sparkles in it. The lipsticks and Lipglasses are all $14.
MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, swatches, Chignon, What a Do, Marquise D', Blow Dry, B-Babe, All's Fair, Quick Tease, Soft Wave, Live and Dye, Red Devil, Strawberry Blonde, PeroxideOkay, I admit, I’ve been holding out on you. The most amazing part of the collection is the MSFs. They. Are. Gorgeous. Each pot contains a baked powder with four different shades (I don’t even know how they got them in such neat stripes), which you swirl together with your brush. For fun, I thought I’d illustrate the four colors in Brunette and Redhead.
MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, swatchesI knew Brunette would be a little dark for me, but Redhead gave me this fantastic, peaches-and-cream glow. I absolutely love it (and this would be my peachiest blush). Blonde is more pink, though I haven’t tried this one on yet. Click here to compare to Gold Deposit, Soft and Gentle, or So Ceylon, or click here to compare to Petticoat and the loose Sheersheen powders — I thought the BBR MSFs were softer, more subtle, and more luminous (without the big sparkle). These are $28 each.

I thought I was being very clever, using the 3 eye kohls from the collection as dividers between the colors, but I realize now that might be a bit distracting. The eye kohls are luxuriously soft and creamy. They do smudge, but that can be used to your advantage — you can smudge them with a brush to your desired effect. Smolder is really black; Teddy is a rich, vibrant brown, Phone Number is almost exactly the same color as the eyeshadow Knight. All three of these kohls are permanent, and they are $14.50.MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, swatches, Deep Shade, Henna, Femme Fi, Flip, French Cuff, 100 Strokes, Pincurl, Knight, Top KnotAnd there are brushes in this collection! The 214 is a dupe of NARS’ smudge brush (and the 214 will become permanent to MAC stores). 226 is a dupe of LM’s ponytail brush (or Chanel’s #12 brush, if you prefer). I ran out of analogies with 165, but it’s a tapered cheek/highlight brush.

The 165 is $34; the 214 (called a short shader) is $23; the 226 is $24.50.MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, brushes, 165, 214, 226MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, brushes, 165MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, brushes, 214MAC, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, BBR, brushes, 226MAC Blonde Brunette Redhead: BBR, Blonde, Blond, Brunette, Redhead, Deep Shade, Henna, Femme Fi, Flip, French Cuff, 100 Strokes, Pincurl, Knight, Top Knot, Chignon, What a Do!, Marquise D’, Marquis D’, Blow Dry, B-Babe, B Babe, All’s Fair, Quick Tease, Soft Wave, Life and Dye, Red Devil, Strawberry Blonde, Peroxide, 165, 214, smudge, 226, crease, Smolder, Teddy, Phone Number

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17 Responses to “MAC Blonde Brunette Redhead”

  • Ana Marta says:

    >Ahh! Thanks for these swatches! I had lemmings for almost all the collection and I managed to reduce it to 2 lippies (All's Fair & Marquise D') and 2 MSFs (Blonde & Redhead). Everything else looks like something I already have, shame cause I had high expectations for this collection. You absolutely rock!!!

  • jojoba says:

    >wow i think this is one MAC collection that i can’t escape!!! And how on earth did you get the pictures of MAC brushes right in the store??? The MAC stores here are very serious about NO PHOTOGRAPHY… lucky you!

    all looking great and thanks again for the hard work. you save our time!

  • Valerie says:

    >oh snap, I thought I wasn’t going to be tempted by anything, and the Chignon glaze lipstick has caught my eye… I like the Glaze formula, that’s what my beloved Shitaki is, but they don’t have many Glaze colors… may I ask, is that a heavy swatch of Chignon? or is that the color it swatched in one swipe?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >That is a heavy swatch, but it is a purple lipstick. I didn’t think the color changed too much with additional layers.

  • Vanessa M. says:

    >yay!! i want them!!! geez now i have to figure out how to use those brushes lol

  • Amina says:

    >thank you for the swatches!!

  • SarahM says:

    >Yay! Only 1.5 things appeal to me. I am SAFE (for now, lol).

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Thank you for the swatches – that’s why I love reading your blog! I am only tempted by Henna as I don’t have anything in that colour but otherwise I think I am going to save my pennies (or till I see something else in person and am tempted lol). Have a wonderful ’09!

  • Gail says:

    >OMG Thank you SO much for this post!! You are always a godsend, your descriptions are always impeccable, big fan here.

    And I was seriously lemming Henna… now I see MAC is up to its old tricks and it’s in fact Sumptuous Olive in a new guise, I feel a fool! Is it literally the same- it looks it- I thought Henna was a vivid stunning Gold!?

    OK well assuming they are interchangeable, and I have the NARS smudge brush (are they literally the same too?!) and I have a Trish McEvoy no.29 brush (is that the same as the pony brush, do you happen to know? It looks the same)
    - well anyway, let’s just say now I won’t be quite so fearful that my wallet will explode. Only Redhead MSF looks gorge and some lipsticks I think… but I honestly assumed I’d be getting the ‘dark blue sparkly one’ (talk about let-down!!!) and the ‘bright gold one’. Well, that’s all very sad.

  • Katrina says:

    >All the Redhead colors are gorgeous! I really want almost all of those colors in the e/s and glosses. Why the hell did I have to go on a no-buy this month?

  • Jenn says:

    >Thank you sooo much for the swatches!! I almost peed in my pants when i saw the MSFs!!! They’re soo gorgeous!!

    Great blog you have here!! I hope you don’t mind, but i’ve linked you! :)

  • verybecca says:

    >I love Redhead MSF and French Cuff!!! Thanks again for posting :D

  • resham says:

    >hw similar is mink and sable to henna?? i dont have sumptous olive..

  • Deidra says:

    >Hi! I like your blog, Its one of the few that I’ll bookmark and come back to. Thanks! Just a ? I’m dark skinned and sumptuous olive isnt as dark as i’d like. Was it just the way the light hit your arm, or is henna slightly deeper. If so, it may be worth me checking out.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hey Deidra,

    I think that’s just a trick of the light — I couldn’t tell the difference between Sumptuous Olive and Henna. So sorry to disappoint!

    Have you tried maybe Vintage Gold pigment? It’s a loose eyeshadow and you’ll probably get more pigment from it. It’s swatched with the rest of the Overrich pigments:

  • nani says:

    >hw similar is Flip to Evening Aura?? and French Cuff to Expensive Pink? thanks

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hi Nani. You can see a swatch of Expensive Pink here:

    The two shades do look very similar, though Expensive Pink was a Veluxe Pearl (and therefore a better texture, in my opinion). French Cuff is a Lustre.

    I don’t have a swatch of Evening Aura, unfortunately, but I have heard that it is very similar to Flip.

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