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With high hopes this morning, I woke up and checked MAC’s webpage (not a daily event) hoping to see the early, online release of Blonde Brunette Redhead. And while it’s not up yet, I was amazed and a little giddy to see this message:

Be superfine in ’09!
Save 25% off everything* online! Use offer code MACFF9.

Naturally Viva Glam (because the money goes to charity) and gift cards are not included. The offer is valid through 11:59pm EST on January 8th, on orders shipped to U.S. and Canadian addresses only. (Yay, Canada!)

So, knowing that many of you will have orders to place, I’m publishing back-to-back MAC collections. Today let’s look at the lovely Chill.

Probably the biggest buzz over this collection is for the Penultimate Liner ($16.50), a black liquid liner in marker form. Liquid liner experts tell me that a pen can be easier to use than a brush… I haven’t yet mastered either.

Penultimate is smudge resistant, but neither waterproof nor water-resistant. It does have a very fine tip, which I like, and it will be permanent to freestanding MAC stores. If you’re looking for extreme depth of color, I would say it’s not as indelibly black as Chanel’s cake liner, but that can be a good thing for some. As always, you can click on any image to view it at full size.

Several months ago, when I was seeing grey eyeshadow everywhere, and the first rumors of the Chill collection were spreading across the internet, I said MAC’s offering would come too late — that I would have had my fill of grey shadow by the start of the new year. I was wrong. Someone remind me that I never get tired of neutrals.

MAC Chill has five eyeshadows, each $14.50. This is also a totally egalitarian collection, with every texture represented (almost).

Mont Black is a smoky, sooty black with sparkles in it (like Black Tied, like the discontinued Suspicion — all Velvets). If you don’t have Black Tied and want something of this description, I prefer Mont Black, but if you have Suspicion, I think you’re set.

Apres-ski (Matte) is dirty grey. Arctic Grey is the nicest Lustre ever created (this blogger’s opinion, anyway). Vellum (Frost) — a repromote from the permanent collection, though it’s now a pro-only color — is white with blue/violet duochrome (click here to see another picture). Wintersky (Veluxe Pearl) is a pearly, cool pink.

The lipglasses ($14) are all sparkly; Snowscene is the most sparkly. My apologies: Viva Glam VI SE is not part of this collection. The fourth shade should be Icescape, but my counter sold out of it and replaced it with the Viva Glam (rather than leave an empty space in the display)… which I didn’t realize until just now.

MAC Chill: Mont Black, Mont Blanc, Apres-ski, Apres Ski, Arctic Grey, Arctic Gray, Vellum, Winter Sky, Wintersky, Snowscene, Snow Scene, Naked Frost, Viva Glam VI SE, VGVI, Frozen Dream, Penultimate, Rapidblack

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3 Responses to “MAC Chill”

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Thank you, Peacelover18, for spotting the VGVI mistake!

  • Roxy says:

    >You are just THE best! Thanks for the swatches – they are gorgeous. xo

  • verybecca says:


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