NARS Blushes: Sin, Oasis, Outlaw, Dolce Vita, and Crazed

After all those corals, I’m sure you’re ready for some cool blushes. I think one of the common misconceptions of NARS blushes is that they’re all sparkly — not so! Dolce Vita is matte, and I’ll do a matte vs. shimmer recap at the end of NARS week.

Sin is very plummy/mauvey with smaller, more dense sparkles. Oasis is a little rosier (more pink), more brown, more wine — but still mauve. Its sparkles are slightly larger than Sin’s. Outlaw is a very berry/magenta; Dolce Vita is a dusty, reddish rose; Crazed is magenta with sparkles.

NARS blushes are $25.

NARS, blush, swatches, Sin, Oasis, Outlaw, Dolce Vita, CrazedNARS Blush: Sin, Oasis, Outlaw, Dolce Vita, Crazed

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8 Responses to “NARS Blushes: Sin, Oasis, Outlaw, Dolce Vita, and Crazed”

  • Vitória says:

    >Dolce Vita looks muddy as hell on my Casper-the-friendly-ghost pale skin. On darker complexions, however, it looks just perfect. It’s a HG for many of my friends.

    As for crazed, it looks great on the pan, but Nars’ blushes are so pigmented, I have a hard time trying not to look like a clown.

  • jojoba says:

    >that outlaw looks very nice! i wonder why it isn’t as popular as orgasm???!!! i couldn’t make orgasm work for me but this looks a lot better.

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Ohhh love all of them from this swatch – gorgy!

  • Amina says:

    >thank you for the swatches. I loove dolce vita!!
    I am adding crazed to my wishlist

  • kadhine007 says:

    >Hi, I’m new to this blog. It’s absolutely great!! I have several NASRS blushes and the best way I have found to apply them is by tapping your 187 (skunk brush) and applying with a light hand.

  • Maria says:

    >Own and LOVE all those except Dolce Vita. It's too brick-colored for my cool-to-neutral-toned skin. I swear Sin most every day, Oasis when I feel the need to look a little more tan (it's almost like Sin and a bronzer had a baby), Crazed with a *super* fluffy brush to apply just the faintest pop of color when going out on the town, and Outlaw when I want an everyday blush deeper than Sin.

  • Adelita says:

    I think Dolce Vita is more like Taos without shimmer, what do you think?

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