NARS Cream Blush: Gold Member, Penny Lane, Gueule de Nuit, and Cactus Flower

Today: a first look at NARS’ cream blushes. I talked at length with the makeup artist at this counter. She was a fan of using cream blush as a base for your powder blush (“just like a base or primer for your eyeshadow”). And she worked some magic on the back of her hand, starting with Gold Member, then tapping on just a bit of Exhibit A, and blending to a lovely red-gold shade.

But I’ve never worried about my blush fading over the course of the day, or that the color wasn’t appearing brightly enough — basically, I’ve never felt the need for “blush primer.” Mixing creams and powders might be a great way to get some new life out of your blushes, and it could be a very handy trick if you’re a professional makeup artist… but I wouldn’t buy two blushes for the purpose of custom blending.

Gold Member was a very yellow gold (and apparently also makes a great eyeshadow base for yellow-toned Asians and Middle Easterners) — I’d think you’d use this one just to add a pop to other blushes. Penny Lane is a pretty, neutral pink, and has the least sheen of any of the cream blushes. Gueule de Nuit was a lovely coral-pink canyon color; Cactus Flower was a gorgeous bright watermelon with gold sparkles.

Ever your intrepid makeup reporter, I tried on Penny Lane (applying with fingers). It felt powdery on my fingers/cheek, almost like a cream-to-powder blush. The color was very, very subtle — very natural. I liked it, but it wasn’t true love.

NARS Cream blushes are $24. (A dollar less than their powder counterparts! For .03 oz more product!)

NARS, blush, cream blush, swatches, Gold Member, Penny Lane, Gueule de Nuit, Cactus FlowerNARS Blush: Cream, Creme, Gold Member, Goldmember, Penny Lane, Pennylane, Gueule de Nuit, Guele de Nuit, Cactus Flower

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7 Responses to “NARS Cream Blush: Gold Member, Penny Lane, Gueule de Nuit, and Cactus Flower”

  • Valerie says:

    >Gah! Penny Lane looks sooo gorgeous on your arm, but it turns so peach-y on me! *pouts*

    also, FYI- I got Sparitual Shrewd (evil-bay), and it is gorgeous! :-)

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Huh never thought of a blush primer, I don’t know how much one really needs it, but its always good to know!

  • Amina says:

    >cactus flower is hoot

  • Vitória says:

    >As always, really useful swatches. I like nars’s cream blushes, but I definetely prefer shiseido’s. Better texture and prettier colors.

    BTW, could you swatch more shiseido stuff, Karla? Pretty please? =)

  • S. Vanessa Hailey says:

    >I've done the cream blush under powder and it was total fail for me. With my large pores & oily skin it was a mess. My pale skin also makes it hard for me to layer color on my cheeks.

  • dancerxocutie9 says:

    >Hey! I lovee Cactus Flower!
    IT’s Such a pretty color.
    I would love to buy it, but i’m not sure if it will show up on my skin.
    My skin tone is caramel, kind of like Tyra Banks.
    Would Nars Creme Blush in Cactus Flower fit my skin tone?
    :) Thanks

  • Ina KAGEL says:

    Do you have any “Guueule de nuit” cream blush in stock? Price with shipping??

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