A Little Self-Love — Plus a Giveaway for TNBTTGSY Readers

I’m a big fan of the at-home spa — for reasons of cost, sanitation, product selection, you name it. Sidebar: I think different cultures have created their own rituals so people can sit still and relax. Painting your nails, for instance, forces you to sit still and not do anything. Ditto for Indian brides with henna on their hands and feet.

Anyway, this weekend I was thinking about how much I like my facial scrub. Back when I wrote my “In Honor of the Basics” post, I intentionally left it out because it’s definitely a luxury. I know there are lots of great drugstore-brand scrubs available — I’ve heard you can make your own with delicious sounding ingredients like sugar and strawberries. But I really like Laura Mercier’s Face Polish ($30 for 3.5 oz.). The size and density of the granules are perfect, and I love the scent. I’ve mentioned before that I have an oily T, but I don’t shine on the day of my weekly scrub.

Luckily, comfy-cozy spa and loungewear brand KN Karen Neuburger believes it’s okay to treat yourself, too — and they’re sending one lucky TNBTTGSY reader a pair of KN Chenille Lounge Socks (retail $15) to help them do just that. Tell me one way in which you pamper yourself and you’re entered to win. I regret to say only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible. If you want to browse KN Karen Neuburger’s other spa products, click here.

How to Enter
To enter, leave a comment in this post anytime before 5:29 p.m. CST on Wednesday, March 4. Tell me (1) your first name and last initial, (2) a tip, tool, or product you like for pampering yourself.

A winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries, and notified no later than Friday, March 6. That winner will also be announced here Monday, March 9. You must use a valid email address when replying to this post (because if I can’t reach you, you can’t win). Winners will also be required to provide a full name and mailing address. Duplicate entries will be made fun of, and only the first entry will count.

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49 Responses to “A Little Self-Love — Plus a Giveaway for TNBTTGSY Readers”

  • MJ says:

    >I’m MJ C. I love soaking in a hot bath with a good book. Doen’t happen often enuff!

  • Suzanne says:

    >I have one of those home foot tubs. When I can actually RELAX (grad students don’t get the chance that often), I love to soak my feet and read a non-school book!

  • K says:

    >Katie M

    I like philosophy microdelivery peel followed by a thick moisturizer. also, a massage doesn’t hurt!

  • Kristina says:

    >This is awesome! I LOVE Karen Neuberger socks – I don’t have any chenille ones (!) but my grandma sometimes sends me snuggly ones in the mail as a surprise pick-me-up when I’m having a rough week, so I have several other pairs! They are the best!! :)

    Anyway, you know me :) but…

    1) Kristina B.
    (2) My favorite way to pamper myself, and the thing I always envision doing when I’m having a stressful day, is snuggling up in bed and watching a movie (DBF’s presence is preferred but not required :D ). It has to be a lighthearted movie, because suspense and drama just stress me out further – for this reason, I think Curious George is quite possibly my most-watched DVD, lol. LOVE it! :)

    Thanks, Karla!

  • Liz W says:

    >My favorite way to pamper myself is to read magazines, beauty or gossip.

  • madison817 says:

    >On nights that I just want to relax, I pamper myself by doing a Laura Mercier deep cleansing mask or pretty much anything in her skincare line is amazing, baking something sweet smelling (like vanilla cupcakes) and popping in my favorite movies like Almost Famous, or Darjeeling Limited

    Thanks Karla!

    Jacqueline S

  • Cat says:

    >Catherine S.

    I like to do a mini-facial while I take a nice hot bath with bath salts.

  • ditzycubanita824 says:

    >Hey Karla,

    You know how much i absolutely love your blog. =)

    Fun Facts-

    Name- Tay G
    My favorite tool for pampering myself is my clarisonic brush. It’s the perfect facial at home. It makes my skin feel extra fresh and throughly clean. I, then cleanse with an emulsion and moisturize. My face and skin feel super wonderful in the morning. =D

  • Nina says:

    >Nina S.

    My favorite thing to do to pamper myself is to make a milk and oatmeal mask, slather it on my whole face and doze off! My face feels so soft and smooth after that and I’m definitely relaxed! :)

  • Just_Kelly says:

    >Facial and manicure/pedicure every Sunday night (at home of course!) perfect way to get ready for the upcoming week!

  • Joan says:

    >Joan K.
    to pamper myself, i get my nails done!

  • Jill says:

    >hey! as a fellow make-up junkie…i gotta tell you…i heart your blog!

    okay, onto the issue of pampering…it makes me happy to take good care of my feet. so, no matter how busy i am, i always give myself a nice pedicure once a week.

    thanks for the fun giveaway!

    jill m.

  • Meilily says:

    >Meilily K:
    A huge mug of hot tea with honey and the latest beauty magazine works for me!

  • Elle Y. says:

    >Qingqing Y:
    I pamper myself by browsing my favorite beauty blogs, makeup companies’ official website, and reading Vogue magazines!

  • Plumb says:

    >I’ll have my cheescake while soaking in a hot bath or, I’ll soak a micro-fiber towel and leave it on my face for a couple seconds. Afterwards, I’ll get some facial soap and gently scrub. I also purchase high end bath and body products for my mini,”sweet” spa time. Its sooooo pampering and cheaper than a real spa.
    Thank you for this give away, Floria

  • Food, she thought. says:

    >I love to give myself at home facials in 2 steps;

    1) juice beauty green apple peel

    2) fresh rose hydrating mask

    Liz S puts her feet up & reads tabloids!

  • Linda says:

    >Linda T

    As a poor college student short on cash and time, when I have free Friday nights, I like to use a Kanebo Hadabisei moisturizing sheet mask. It’s very relaxing laying down with the mask on listening to music.

    Thanks Karlasugar for an amazing blog!

  • aaj83 says:

    >i pamper myself by sleeping…for me it is the best way to recharge myself..! :)

  • javy says:

    >Javy. S – I love to use coconut oil in my hair 1x a week to get amazing shine :)

  • Sarah says:

    >Hi Karla,

    I pamper myself by doing at-home pedicures/manicures. I love smoothing my feet with a scrub and a lotion and plopping on a pair of cozy socks- KN’s are my favorites too- and I am in desperate need of a new pair as my older ones have been so well-loved they have become a little nubbly and sad. lol. After doing my nails I like to curl up with a good book in my favorite plushy Hello Kitty robe and have something indulgent and yummy to eat. That is the best day to me.
    Thanks for such a great contest Karla! I love your blog.

    Sarah T.

  • Elvira says:

    >Hi Karla: I always feel better when my feet are smooth and callous free. I have awful feet. I think it’s from years of dancing and being in tap shoes, toe shoes, and combat boots…but I digress. I feel better when I get my trusty Microplane out and really go to town on my soles. The darn thing is better than a ped egg and my feet are worry free after use. I then soak my feet while watching trash TV, scrub and then moisturize, but none of that ritual would be worth anything without that Microplane. A super investment.
    Elvira W.

  • Gina says:

    >I know it’s common, but a hot bath is how I pamper myself almost nightly. I always add essential oils relevant to the mood I want to cultivate (energy, relaxation, etc.), and I always have a book and/or a magazine with me. If I’m feeling super-indulgent, I’ll slather on a clay face mask.
    Gina C.

  • Jamie says:

    >I live with two boys, so to pamper myself I love to go upstairs, lock the door, put on my wildly expensive Decleor Aroma Purete Instant Purifying Mask, and watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Girls only! :-D

    Jamie K.

  • Samia says:

    >my fav way to pamper myself is to lay down in my bed and cover my eyes with ice-water soaked cotton balls…makes me forget everything…

  • moses says:

    >1) Rita P
    2) Bath with olive oil (my skin feels so soft and moisturized after!) and a clay masque. Sit relax, 1 glass of wine and sultry nina simone music. :)

  • Stephanie says:

    >Stephanie D.
    and the clarisonic! It’s my favorite thing to use when my face needs a little pick me up

  • Pixie says:

    >1) Inge M.J. (jinnzor AT gmail DOT com)
    2) I love taking a hot bath with a nice bathbomb (usually from LUSH). MMmmmmmm

  • hotdot2122 says:

    >Jessica D. I love to do microdermabrasion peels–I love the CLinique 5 minute facial for a quick indulgence and the new glycolic peel for a refresher course for my skin. I also love love love Philosophy Microderm kit to pieces!

  • Halifax says:

    >I like to light scented candles when I am cooking to set the mood for dinner. Before bed, applying body butter with some nice scent to help with the sleep

    Anh N.
    juan_hurrican (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • kimkats says:

    >I love to slather on a thick layer of Clinique’s Mositure Surge, relax in a nice hot bath and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse it off. Nice and smooth and soft!

    Kim K

  • Ally says:

    >Reading a trashy novel in a nice scented bubble bath.

  • Pretebrowneyes says:

    >OMG, I’m so glad I found your blog! Anyhoo my favorite way to pamper myself is a long scented bath with a Queen Helene mask on. That with candles lit and a glass of wine is the best!!

    Torrie B

    torr1995 AT yahoo DOT com

  • tali b. says:

    >I’m Brittany S.
    Love scrubs–olive oil, honey, sugar, yum!
    Miss you K! (talibear)

  • musicalhouses says:

    >Jerlene T

    For pampering skincare wise I’m pretty low-end. I actually like the Queene Helene mint julep mask which so many people i know don’t like. LOL.

  • Dede Wilson says:

    >I use coarse scrubs all over my hands during my bath then slather with Aquaphor before bed…I do this the day before a “big day”:) – Dede W.

  • adventuregirl5 says:

    >Dana H.

    I can think of two things that really relax me.

    1) a hot bath, with calming essential oils, and maybe a moisturizing bath bomb from Lush for my skin.

    2) I love a good mask. Depending on what condition my sking is in, I either use the Mint QJ mask, or and egg white mask. The whole ritual is so relaxing. And while the mask is drying I like to read a magazine or watch a favorite movie. Then when the mask is dry and you take of the mask the feeling of your sking is to die for.

    Thanks so much.

  • MaryJoyce says:

    >Mary C.
    Im such a massage-aholic! totally relaxes me!

  • Ingy says:

    >Ingrid L

  • Whiterz says:

    >Whitney K.

    I love putting lavender creamy lotion on my feet (and then wrapping my them in a pair of comfy socks) before I go to bed at night. Your feet are super soft the next morning!

  • Traci Wickett says:

    >I love the fragrance I created at Bath Junkie, and I had salt scrub and lotions made with it. A real treat for me is a hot shower before bed with a salt scrub and then a generous slathering of my custom-fragrance lotion. My fragrance is light musk with baby powder (I call it Sexy Baby) and it makes me feel very nurtured and pampered at the end of the day.

  • Dana says:

    >I love to use Clarin one step gentle exfoliating cleanser following with pure and radiant mask. I also love to exfoliate my hands by using bath& body works "Just a minute 60 second manicure scrub" and moisturize them with "Look Ma, New Hands softening hand lotion". :)

  • trinimakeupmadame says:

    >I pamper myself by going for a facial or massage at least once a month with my girlfrens…we all have kids so its our time away from home to relax an just be ladies

  • Mary Anne says:

    >I love to take a nap, nothing is more pampering to me!

    Mary Anne H.

  • mbeek says:

    >For me, pampering is just being alone in my room for even 10 minutes where no one wants anything from me. Never happens, but when it does, I’m in heaven.

  • P says:

    >I like to pamper myself in a hot bath with bath bombs.

    prncss_007 at hotmail dot com

  • Sara says:

    >Sara B.

    A hot bath with scented bubble bath, a glass of wine and a good book. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • megstar420 says:

    >Meghann C.
    I get my hair done and get a mani/pedi.

  • Sharon says:

    >sharon j.

    basically to pamper myself i soak in a hot bath that i threw a bath bomb in, turn off the lights and light a couple of candles with music. after im done i put on a mask and relax even more. sometimes i give myself a mani/pedi somewhere before or after the bath.

  • Sharon says:

    >i think i was an hour too late. cst just confused me a bit (im in pst) :(

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