Beaute Luminous Volume Gloss

You know that pedestal I have? For YSL Golden Gloss? Well, I’m going to need another one, because I just discovered Luminous Volume Gloss from boutique brand Beaute.

Beaute is a small-but-growing makeup line created by extraordinarily talented, NYC-based makeup artist Beau Nelson. (He’s also gorgeous — luckily for him I’m married.) I have to imagine after years of working with the tools you have as a makeup artist, you start thinking how you could make them better (e.g., Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Scott Barnes, right?). If you want to bring Beau into your own living room, he’s also published a series of video tutorials on the Beaute website.

Luminous Volume Glosses have tapered brush wands. The gloss is unscented and completely flavorless (like iocane powder!). It’s also moisturizing, not sticky in the slightest, and feels absolutely wonderful on the lips.

I was lucky enough to swatch six of these, half the shades currently available. Heroine (my favorite!) is a fantastic cream rose (not too purple, not too mauvey). It literally goes with everything, and looks like magic on my lips. Lady Stardust is clear with small pink sparkles. Girlie Show is a cream pink-lemonade, peachy pink shade; Skin Trade is a cream nude peach. Paramour is a gorgeous rose-pink with gold iridescent sparkles (definitely click to see this one at full size). Medusa is a warm petal pink.
The unswatched shades are If (005, creamy cantaloupe), Urge (006, a cream red with about as much coverage as Heroine), Chimera (007, iridescent salmon pink), Elitist (010, a cream tawny color), Cobra (011, sun-kissed metallic bronze), and Allure (012, metallic pink beige).

Luminous Volume Glosses are $26 Canadian (which works out to around $20-21 U.S. at the time of this posting), comparable to Chanel’s Glossimers, and you can buy Beaute products directly off their website. The line is also carried by the Studio at Fred Segal (if you’re in California), and lucky Canadians have been able to buy them for some time at Holt Renfrew, Jerome Hair Salon in Calgary, and The New Eclectic in Vancouver.

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11 Responses to “Beaute Luminous Volume Gloss”

  • Valerie says:

    >ooooh, these sound dreamy! Tapered brush wand=genius. I like the simple packaging too… none of the colors shout out to me though…maybe I’m an Elitist? :-)

  • jojoba says:

    >this is the first time i actually see my idol’s product so close!!! i am so sad that we don’t get to try these here. so gorgeous. (and he is gorgeous too!)

    thanks for the swatches. maybe i need a cp soon.

  • Kristina says:

    >Gorgeous! Is this the same Beau as the one we know as Ghost on MUA?

    Also, lol’ing over here at the Princess Bride reference… love!

  • Marcia says:

    >These glosses are the most amazing ones I own. I have half a dozen and adore them. Paramour is one of my HG items. Everyone should try these.

  • Emilee L. says:

    >Yes, Beau is ghost from MUA – and a genius! I’ve always wanted to try these and now I have even more incentive after seeing these lovely swatches…

  • verybecca says:

    >Beau is a genius. I have Medusa, Paramour and Heroine – the texture is the best of any gloss I’ve tried. I can’t wait for more shades!!! Also can’t wait for the lipsticks!

  • YM says:

    >do these glosses have sheer or pigmented coverage? even the flesh/pink tones look quite opaque on the swatches.

  • Rebecca says:

    >Karla! I have a question about ordering but for some reason your MUA profile doesn’t exist for me??

  • Karin says:

    >Do they work? Watching his videos, it sounds like they have plumping, etc. characteristics. Do they sting?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Definitely no stinging (but I can’t say I noticed any plumping action either).

    If I remember correctly, they contain some… collagen-like molecule that your lips are supposed to absorb (and that’s the plumping action)? I have to re-read what it says on his site.

  • Karin says:

    >That’s what it said on the video, which made them sound really interesting.

    I actually damaged my lips with the stinging kind — and it took more than a year to get to the point where they were comfortable.

    I tried his technique today and will post at my blog.

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