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Good morning, makeup lovers! The highly anticipated Hello Kitty collection from MAC goes on sale this week (though NYC had it last week — typical!). Even the New York Times is pondering whether Hello Kitty might outsell Barbie.

So naturally, this was the worst possible weekend for cloudy, overcast, totally grey weather. But I couldn’t stand the thought of not having Hello Kitty pictures for you today, so I went swatching anyway, waiting for breaks in the clouds to take my pictures. As a result, you may see some inconsistencies in the lighting from picture to picture. This isn’t the way I normally like to do things, but Hello Kitty waits for no man.

The collection includes two eyeshadow quads, each $38. Too Dolly contains:

  • Yogurt (Matte, repromote from permanent line)
  • Romping (Frost, repromote, limited edition. This cranberry shade almost looks like a matte, the sparkles are really subtle)
  • Too Dolly (Frost, limited edition. Not quite teal; bright green. Really looks like a matte. It reminded me of Newly Minted, though Newly Minted is more green and Too Dolly is more white. Scroll down for a comparison swatch)
  • Stately Black (Lustre… though it looked and felt like a Velvet to me. It’s a somewhat chalky black with blue sparkles. Also a repromote, also limited edition).

Lucky Tom contains:

  • Creme Royale (Veluxe Pearl, repromote, limited edition. A frosty yellow-gold)
  • Paradisco (Frost, repromote from the permanent line. Coral with a sheen)
  • Stylin’ (Velvet, new shade, limited edition. A blue-purple with light sparkle)
  • Lucky Tom (Lustre, new shade, limited edition. Didn’t feel like a lustre at all — the texture was very nice and smooth. Deep brown with light sparkle)

Hello Kitty also offers four glitter eyeliners ($16.50 each): Her Glitz (brown sparkle), Glitterpuss (copper), Kitty Power (pink), and Girl Groove (it may look white in pictures, but it reflects ice blue). These have brush applicators, and I wouldn’t wear them alone (I think they’d look better over eyeliner).
There are six Hello Kitty lipsticks ($14), all limited edition — with the exception of Fresh Brew, which is a repromote from the permanent line. Fashion Mews is a luminous lavender, very similar to the Cremesheen Lavender Whip. Fashion Mews is a little lighter and more sheer (really highlighting the differences between the Glaze formula and the Cremesheen).

Strayin’ is a bright, pigmented, cool pink with silver sparkles. Most Popular is a deep, sheer berry. Cute-ster is a sheer peach — it turned a pinker peach on my lips, but the color was so subtle that I decided not to buy it.
There are six Hello Kitty Lipglasses ($14); all are sparkly. There are three levels of sparkle, however: She Loves Candy has the most sparkle. The net effect is a shimmery pink-gold. Sweet Strawberry (deep rose or berry with pink, purple, and blue sparkles), Mimmy (peachy pink with gold and pink sparkle), and Nice to be Nice (orange with silver sparkle) are moderately sparkly. Nice Kitty (bright, cool pink with blue sparkles) and Fast Friends (light, cool pink with blue and silver sparkles) are the least sparkly.

There are also two Tinted Lip Conditioners (or TLCs, $14.50). These contain SPF 15 and come in pots, so you’ll have to apply with fingertip or brush. I swatched first with a makeup spatula, then with a doe’s foot applicator, to show both heavy and light application. Pink Fish is cool; Popster is warm.
The collection also contains two Beauty Powders ($22) and two Beauty Powder Blushes ($18). The Beauty Powders are very faintly pigmented, very sheer. I swatched them as heavily as possible to show the color difference: Tahitian Sand is a very pale peach; Pretty Baby is a very pale pink. I think these are too light to be used as blushes; you’d probably use them either as a highlight or as an all-over finishing powder, for a diffuse, soft look. Both these colors are repromotes, though they are limited edition.

Tippy is a bright, cool pink, and could absolutely be applied with a lighter hand than I used here. Fun & Games is a lovely orange-nude with a gold sheen. Both these shades are new and limited edition.
But wait, there’s more! The collection also includes:

  • Two pigments (loose eyeshadow, $19.50): Milk and Deep Blue Green. Milk is new; Deep Blue Green is permanent to pro stores.
  • Two Reflects Glitter (fine, loose glitter, $17.50): Reflects Blue and Reflects Pink, both new shades that will become permanent to pro stores.
  • Plushlash Mascara ($12, a permanent product)
  • Nail Lacquer ($11): Something About Pink (cool pink), On the Prowl (matte grey), Vestral White (white) — all limited edition
  • Hello Kitty Lashes ($12)
  • Two different sizes of vinyl makeup bags ($22, $35)

MAC Freestanding Stores will also have:

  • An 8″ plush doll ($42)
  • Hello Kitty Brush Collection ($49.50): 187 SE, 109 SE, 239 SE, and a plastic cup to hold them — I’ve seen this in Nordstrom, too
  • Compact mirror ($22)
  • Keychain with charms and mirror ($26)
  • Beaded bracelet ($34)

And online you can buy:

  • Tote bag ($45)
  • Soft vanity case ($55)

AND prepare yourself for Hello Kitty Kouture, super blinged-out luxury Dazzleglasses and Sheer Mystery Powder Compacts. These release March 5.

Hello Kitty for MAC: Fashion Mews, Strayin, Strayin’, Straying, Most Popular, Cutester, Cute-ster, Big Bow, Fresh Brew, Nice Kitty, She Loves Candy, Sweet Strawberry, Mimmy, Nice to be Nice, Fast Friends, Romping, Too Dolly, Stately Black, Yogurt, Creme Royale, Cream Royal, Paradisco, Stylin’, Stylin, Styling, Lucky Tom, Her Glitz, Glitterpuss, Kitty Power, Girl Groove, Tippy, Fun & Games, Fun and Games, Tahitian Sand, Pretty Baby, Pink Fish, Popster

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19 Responses to “MAC Hello Kitty”

  • Valerie says:

    >Pretty Baby Beauty Powder looks pretty- probably similar to the Softdew beauty powder I have already though…my favorite name in the collection is ‘Fashion Mews’ :-)

    And I think those swatches are perfectly fine!

  • Betty says:

    >I have to buy the Tippy beauty powder, because I actually had a cat named Tippy.

    BTW your blog provides a great public service. The cosmetic companies should stop trying to be fancy and just show your swatched arms on their web sites. :)

  • kiss53 says:

    >hello! May I ask if the lipglass are extra sticky like that from dame edna’s collection?

  • miamialli says:

    >thank you for your swatches, I haven’t found anyone else with clear swatches of the lip conditioners anywhere on the net. I checked your site all weekend waiting for your review!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Sorry, kiss53, I didn't notice that Dame Edna glosses were particularly sticky. Doh! >_<

  • Amina says:

    >thank you for the swatches!!

  • Nicole says:

    >Your swatches are always fantastic, but I’m not really impressed by anything in this collection (fortunately!). :)

  • Ally says:

    >I’ve been waiting for your swatches I find you pretty pale and i’m super pale so I find your swatches the most accurate with my skin tone. Thanks a ton.

  • The Mighty J says:

    >I think the lippies are the best thing in this collection – the Eye Palettes are a huge let-down, the only reason I want it is because its HK. But I love the packing, no cheap stickers for these suckers! I am jonesing hugely for the Brush set (which I unfortunately passed on at the lauch party last week, stupid me) and I am hoping and praying they don’t sell out till I get one. Thanks for the swatches as always Karla!

  • beauty parler~ says:

    >Great swatches! I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from this collection. I’m going to wait for the Honey collection out in June.

  • katehaven says:

    >Love your blog – I live for your swatches.

    The color you’re comaring to Newly Minted is Too Dolly, right? It is tagged as Strayin, but I’m thinking, based on your descriptions, that it’s Too Dolly.

  • Vicky says:

    >Thanks for the swatches. Always looking forward to your comprehensive swatches and reviews. =)

    What do you think about the two pigments released for this collection? Any thoughts?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >katehaven, you are completely right! I mislabeled the comparison swatch — that’s Too Dolly next to Newly Minted. Thanks for catching that; I’ve corrected the image.

    Vicky, I haven’t seen the pigments yet (my counter hadn’t received testers of those). But as soon as I track them down, I’ll add them to this post.

  • Vicky says:

    Thanks! Will be looking forward to that too. =)

  • Sister Hand Grenade says:

    >Hey, Karla. Adore your blog, as always.

    Just a footnote–I do not think the Tinted Lip Conditioners have a sunscreen in them. I wish they did! If I’m wrong about that, great!

    Thanks again for the awesome swatches!


  • Sister Hand Grenade says:

    >Did a live chat with a MAC artist, and even though it’s not mentioned in the description, the HK lip conditioners DO have SPF. I am glad, because now I want Popster. :)

  • cartmanette says:

    >Thanks for the very clear LABELED swatches and your very helpful comments on/reviews of colors, formulas, etc.

  • fridagal says:

    >Hi Karla, may i know if the Tippy blush is similar to NARS angelika or desire blush? thanks =)

  • Taylor says:

    >Thank you for the swatch of Fashion Mews and Lavender Whip side by side. I have Fashion Mews and was think about getting the other, but I won’t. They are similar, too similar to warrant 2 lippies like that.

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