MAC Pigments (bronze and green) Tutorial

My very good friend, Aradiapdx, is phenomenally talented in a wide variety of intellectual pursuits. She’s also one of those people whose makeup invariably looks like magic. I can’t even imagine where someone acquires those kinds of skills for color combination, application, and blending.

Anyway, Aradiapdx very sportingly agreed to demonstrate one of my favorite looks on her. I’d also like to add that she is a classic example of a pale, cool person.

Eyes Tutorial (Aradiapdx)
Brushes used:
The angled brush (#7) is MAC 266, the bent one (#8) is from Coastal Scents. #3 is something I just think of as a generic eyeshadow brush, #5 and 6 are apparently “round crease brushes,” and the rest are from a set that CS doesn’t seem to carry any longer. It’s the shape that’s important; I’m sure other brushes would work equally well.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)
DuWop Payoff
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Golden Olive pigment
MAC Tempting
MAC Smoke Signal pigment
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Prescriptives False Eyelashes mascara

Not shown:
MAC Brow pencil – Spiked
YSL Touche Eclat

1. Prime your lids. I applied UDPP all over from lashes to brows and lightly dusted Vanilla pigment from crease up to brows (with brush #2).

2. Using DuWop Payoff and brush #5, I applied Golden Olive pigment (wet) to the inner 2/3 of my lids.

3. Using DuWop Payoff and brush #6, I applied Tempting (wet) to the outer portion of my lids and blended into the crease, over Golden Olive.

4. Using DuWop Payoff and brush #4 (for more precise application), I created the desired shape for my outer V, with Smoke Signal pigment applied wet.

5. Then I filled in the V with Smoke Signal and same wet brush.

6. Time to start blending. I started by blending Tempting (with original #6 brush, still slightly damp) into and slightly over Smoke Signal.

7. Then I took brush #3, applied a small amount of Smoke Signal Pigment to it (dry this time), tapped to get rid of the excess, and very lightly blended it into Tempting, up into the crease, and used it to soften the edges of my original outer V line. After this, I used brush #2 to apply more Vanilla pigment to my browbone and blend into my crease, softening harsh edges.

8. Using brush #7 (MAC #266) and Duwop Payoff, I lined under eyes with Golden Olive and Tempting (roughly the same placement as on the lid).

9. Next, apply MAC Blacktrack Fluidline however you prefer as your liner. I used brush #8 (bent eyeliner brush from Coastal Scents) to line my upper lashline as well as my waterline.

10. Finally, I brushed off any fallen powder, applied some YSL Touche Eclat below my eyes, added Prescriptives False Eyelashes mascara, and tidied up my brows (MAC Spiked Eye Brows pencil and brush #1).

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24 Responses to “MAC Pigments (bronze and green) Tutorial”

  • styrch says:

    >Karla and Aradiapdx, this is BY FAR one of the best eye makeup tutorials I have ever seen. Directions are clear, and not complicated. Moreover, I can’t believe your friend found such a good use for Smoke Signals! I was just thinking about this pigment and how pretty it is, but that I had no use for it. Thank you, both of you! a

  • Sara says:

    >This is beautiful! Do you by chance have some MAC shadow ideas that would be dupes and work for this look as well? Thanks so much!

  • Ellen says:

    >I love your blog, Karla, and was so excited to see a tutorial! Please keep them coming and have your friend as a guest more often!

  • Food, she thought. says:

    >That looks flipping fabulous!!! More tutes please!!!

  • Cat says:

    >Wow, this is so pretty! Great tutorial! :D

  • Roxy says:

    >OMG – that looks absolutely stunning! What a great tutorial, thanks A and Karla. What a difference good blending actually makes. Love it!


  • Liz W says:

    >I love it! What is your friend wearing on her lips?

  • Ann says:

    >Very well done! This has inspired me to try (again) to figure out how to define my “outer v”, LOL!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Liz W, I asked Aradiapdx and she said Covergirl TruShine in Powderpink Shine.

    Here’s her complete breakdown:

    DuWop Payoff
    MAC Vanilla pigment to highlight
    Lid: (all MAC) from inner corner out Golden Olive, Tempting, Smoke Signal pigment
    MAC Blacktrack Fluidline on upper lashline and waterline
    Prescriptives False Eyelashes mascara
    MAC Eye Brows pencil – Spiked

    MUFE Mat Velvet+ in No.15 Alabaster
    YSL Touche Eclat – no. 2
    LM Translucent loose powder
    Nars Sin
    MAC Vanilla Pigment

    Covergirl TruShine l/s – Powderpink Shine

  • Beda says:

    >Wow, I LOVE THIS! This lady is def. an artist. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Willow says:

    >Aradiapdx!!! WOW!! and thank you Karlasugar!!!

    What a great tutorial. The pics are fantastic quality and everything is so well explained. Hope you do more.

    I am already a follower due the great swatches (may I say that your lighting truly makes it so much easier to finally “see” colours as they should be!

    If you start doing tutorials too with this quality… you may end up with a big following. :)

  • jojoba says:

    >wow that V tech got me!!! I have to try it. looks so nice on her!

  • Elle Y. says:

    >Thank you so much for the tutorial, Karla! This look is absolutely stunning and fabulous!!!I will defnitely try it as well. Looking forward to more tutorials from you and your friend. :D

  • Sarah says:

    >Oh my, that is just beautiful. Thank you for the detailed step by step pics, it really helps e/s-inept me!

  • Fitri says:

    >she got stunning eyes and the e/s colors she chose compliments her eyes so so well.. WOW.. I’m inspired now. lol. Thank you!!

  • myystiqueen says:

    >ooo karla!! that’s just uber prettyyy…….

    i gotta have to go try this look soon….
    i only need tempting… ^^

  • Meilily says:

    >This is a great tutorial- I’ll have to try using Duwop Payoff!

  • S. Vanessa Hailey says:

    >Beautiful job and easy to follow. Love it!

  • Punyamol says:

    >omg that is amazing :)

  • Rabiah says:

    >WOW!! I am speechless!! amazing!!

  • Phyrra says:

    >This is a GORGEOUS tutorial! You look great.

  • beauty411 says:

    >That is seriously one of the most gorgeous eye tuts I’ve seen. Well done!

  • Marilyn M. Tycer says:

    >WOW. that is beautiful… I’ll TRY it but I don’t think I’ll look quite as stunning.

  • Christine says:

    >wow that looks incredible. those are some jedi makeup skills!

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