More about lipliners

So there was one more thing I wanted to say about lipliners, and I held back this morning because I was afraid it might sound crazy (the comments posted thus far have made me bold).

I have found another — rather unexpected — use for lipliners. I went to a costume party recently, and needed a matte coral lip. I had nothing in my makeup bag fitting that description — except an Estee Lauder gift-with-purchase lip pencil (Coral Blaze, if you’re curious. They don’t even make it anymore). It looked great for the party and opened up a whole new world to me: liner as lip color.

What I’ve learned from subsequent experimentation: If you’re going to try this trick, apply the liner to dry, bare lips — ideally, blot afterwards. Do not prime. Do not put chapstick on top, as this will most definitely result in lipliner on your teeth. This might not be the best choice for people with dry lips, but it’s one more makeup option to add to your arsenal.

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6 Responses to “More about lipliners”

  • Ellen says:

    >It’s not crazy! I’ve been doing this for years! I always fill in my entire lip with lipliner, and sometimes just skip lip color on top.

  • Chelsea says:

    >I’ve done this occasionally, too, and would more often if my lips weren’t so dry. The great thing about using liner alone is that it is so long wearing. I’m sure it depends on the formula, but my experience has been that it lasts at least 6 hours. Great, now I’m tempted to get one of the new shiseido liners I was just looking at!

  • verybecca says:

    >Sometimes I put Aquaphor on my lips and then liner as lipcolor, like BB Tulle Brown or MAC Beurre. This is a great YLBB natural look but good if you’re a fan of precision.

  • styrch says:

    >Some of my favorite “lipsticks” are lipliner with gloss over them. :)

  • Liz W says:

    >I completely agree. I love NYX jumbo lip pencils as lipstick. I just put on iced coffee or soft fuchsia . . . and that’s it! The pencils are so moist and glide on wonderfully, so they’re not hard to apply at all.

  • Jamie says:

    >Not crazy at all! Kevyn Aucoin was really into using lip liner all over the lips either under lipstick or gloss. He thought it made things last longer and look more natural. Having done it his way, I think it is crazy to just line lips with liner! LOL – great discovery :)

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