Armani New Sheers Collection

In addition to their spring collection (Pink Light), Armani has released ten new shades (and two repromotes from the permanent line) of Sheer and Shine lipstick. I guess this means those formulas aren’t going away? This collection is called the New Sheers Collection, Second Skin Nude Colors.

The permanent additions are Sheer 30 (a soft neutral rose), Sheer 31 (rosy red), Sheer 33 (warm, peachy pink), Shine 49 (cool berry), and Shine 50 (beigey, neutral rose).

The limited edition shades are Sheer 32 (coral), Shine 45 (a mauvey, blue rose), Shine 46 (cool pink), Shine 47 (a slightly peachy beige), and Shine 48 (peach). Shine 11 and 21 are repromotes from the permanent collection — click here to see those swatches. Armani lipsticks are $25 each.

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6 Responses to “Armani New Sheers Collection”

  • Sarah says:

    >Beautiful! I want #46 :)

  • Valerie says:

    >Crap. Shine 50 looks gorgeous.

    At what point did the little twig in my brain snap so that $25 sounds like a reasonable price for a lipstick?

    I didn’t hear the snap.

  • Suzanne says:

    >These swatches are gorgeous! Thanks, Karla :)

  • javy says:

    >ok nvm, i found swatches of the fluid sheers and the face fabrics on your site lol, so just the lsf and maybe even the matte silk foundation if ever possible :) thanks!

  • An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! says:

    >You have been given an award:) See details here:

  • Roxy says:

    >I adore Armani makeup! These lippies look much more my colors than some of the past Armani shades (which I found too warm tones to wear).

    Thanks,Karla, would have never looked twice without seeing your swatches … gonna have to get one now! Now, to decide which … yikes!


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