Armani Pink Light Collection: Spring 2009

Armani, spring 2009, Pink Light, promoArmani’s spring collection is called Pink Light, and it aims to convey “radiant pink, luminous nude, and subtle shimmer.”

The collection is a bit of a hodgepodge, offering a little of everything — as well as some new, some repromotes, some permanent items, some limited edition.

Armani, spring 2009, Pink Light, Maestro Eyeshadow QuadProbably the signature item of the collection is a limited edition Pink Light Maestro Eyeshadow Quad (no pun intended, though Armani’s signature does adorn the compact). The shades inside are a soft, shimmery grey; a sheer, cool, pale, bluish pink; a frosty peachish pink; and a very baby yellow. The quad is $58.

Repromoted from the permanent line is Maestro Eyeshadow #2, a goldeny champagne. According to ditzycubanita, my go-to Armani savant, Maestro shadows are a newer, more pigmented formula than the regular Armani shadows, though they’re still relatively sheer compared to other brands. She also says that the regular formula will eventually be discontinued and replaced by Maestro. Armani single eyeshadows are $28.

Spring sees the permanent introduction of Lip Wax 7 (click here to see the original 6 shades). Lip waxes are $26. There are also two new, limited edition Armanisilk lipstick shades for spring: 89 and 91. These are $25 each — and of course they’re limited edition, because I love both.
Armani, spring 2009, Pink Light, Maestro Eyeshadow Quad, swatches, Maestro Eyeshadow 2, Lip Wax 7, Armanisilk 89, Armanisilk 91Armani, cream blush duoI’ve heard that Armani will be phasing out their cream blushes and replacing them all with cream blush duos. The first two (permanent), released with this spring collection. They are, hilariously, numbers 3 and 4.

Swatched with a sponge, these looked really pigmented — I thought number 3 in particular was intended as a blush/bronzer combo for someone darker-skinned than I. But the makeup artist at the counter dabbled her brush in both colors simultaneously and applied to my cheeks, and I was amazed by how good it looked. (Similar, perhaps, to NARS’ Cactus Flower?) The Neiman Marcus website refers to #3 as coral/mocha and #4 as rosewood/raspberry, but those may be descriptors rather than names. The blush duos are $60.
Armani, cream blush duo, 3, 4, swatches, spring 2009, Pink LightThe spring collection also includes the release of the Light Master Makeup Primer, a beige, shimmery (pink sparkles) primer in a pump-top bottle — like the Fluid Sheers (which are mostly highlighters). I swatched the primer next to Fluid Sheer 0 — as you can see, it blended into my arm really well (I think you can still see it if you view the picture at full size). The primer is $55.
Armani, spring 2009, Pink Light, swatches, Light Master Fluid Makeup Primer, Fluid Sheer 8

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4 Responses to “Armani Pink Light Collection: Spring 2009”

  • masa_inn says:

    >I nominated you in my blog today, because you are fabulous indeed :)

  • jojoba says:

    >thanks for the swatches. but GA is boring once again. LOL

  • Haru says:

    The GA cream blush duos #1 and #2 are available in Asia as part of the permanent line. You can see them here:

  • javy says:

    >ty for the awesome swatches :) question, is there any way you can swatch the armani luminous silk foundations and other face products like the face fabric, sheers, etc? i would be forever greatful if you could!

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