Chantecaille Spring 2009: La Baleine

Chantecaille continues in its philanthropic vein*, with the release of its spring collection, La Baleine (the whale). Sidebar: thank goodness I have a blog, not a youtube channel, because I can’t pronounce French at all.

The two La Baleine items are a face palette (meant to be swirled together to yield one shade of highlighter) and an eye palette (containing three colors meant to be used separately) — both with the embossed image of whales; both are $98. If you’ve never seen one of these in person, it’s approximately the size of the palm of my hand.

La Baleine Bleue (or Blue, for eyes) contains a luminous blue-grey with a hint of purple (which reminds me of a Laura Mercier shade, actually), a lighter ice blue, and a soft, warm, white-gold highlighter. All three shades are shimmery, and though Chantecaille makes really lovely eyeshadow, this palette was too blue for me.

La Baleine Blanche (or White, for face) is a luminous highlighter similar in shade to the lightest eyeshadow in the Bleue palette, but more gold/beige/champagne.

Also new for spring are two lip sheers (Coralline and Rose Coral), one new lipstick (Angel Skin), and a Brilliant Lip Gloss (Sweet). Sweet is perfectly named, because I can’t help thinking of cotton candy when I look at it. While the two palettes are limited edition, the lip products should be here to stay — all four of are $28.

You can buy Chantecaille at and
* Previous “philanthropic” collections have been Protected Paradise, which came out about a year ago, and Bengali, which was released for holiday 2008. I’m sorry to say I didn’t swatch Protected Paradise when it was out (an eye palette and face palette with an embossed underwater scene), but click here to go back to the holiday Bengal palette. 5% of the proceeds from these items are donated to conserving the animals or areas depicted.

[EDIT] I just read over on Autumn Masquerade that La Baleine is actually the sixth philanthropic collection from Chantecaille: there have been Holiday Papillon (butterfly — to benefit Monarch butterfly reserves in Mexico), Garden in Kyoto (a second butterfly palette), Coral, Protected Paradise, Bengali, then La Baleine. Click here to read Autumn Masquerade’s delightful review of the whale palettes.

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4 Responses to “Chantecaille Spring 2009: La Baleine”

  • Valerie says:

    >How do lip sheers compare with lip chics? Less balm-y/glossy maybe?

    ‘Angel Skin’ somehow manages to sound delicate and gross at the same time… :-)

  • Deborah says:

    >Sorry to be the voice of incredulity, but how in god’s name does this company — owned by a very wealthy NYC family — use the word philanthropy when they charge $98 for a mass-produced (probably in China) fistful of powder? 2/3 of the world doesn’t have water clean enough to wash their clothes, and this is philanthropy? Please.

  • jojoba says:

    >that palette looks beautiful in the pan but looks like nothing on your light skin. it will look washed out completely on my yellow skin. ha! just another item for collection only i guess.

    great post once again. Thank you!

  • Meredith says:

    >Ooh, I want that highlighter. Possibly just because it’s Chantecaille and named something I can’t pronounce, but it looks beautiful!

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