Laura Mercier Gilded Garden

For those who can’t get enough of spring, Laura Mercier has released a second spring collection, Gilded Garden. (Was “First Blush” a pun that I totally missed out on?) The web-version of the collection’s promo shot is deceivingly cool — I have to imagine this was an error.

The florally named collection contains four new eyeshadows ($22), two stickglosses ($20), two lipstains ($20), and a highlighter (the Gilded Garden Mosaic Shimmer Bloc, $38). None of these items has a “limited edition” designation on either Laura’s or Nordstrom’s webpages — but surely they are? They seem so seasonal.

As expected, I like the lip shades best. I’ve lip-tested the stickglosses before, and found them to be not terribly long-lasting — though I know some people really love the formula. I was very excited about the new lipstains. Pink Sith wrote the review that got me interested in these — they’re not really lipstains. They’re high-pigment, full-coverage balms, whose longevity partly stems from the fact that they’re moisturizing (so you aren’t tempted to rub your lips). ‘Til now, the color options have been somewhat limited, but Hibiscus is just calling my name.
Laura Mercier Gilded Garden: lipstain, lip stain, Orchid, Tulip, Lilac, Marigold, Azalea, Tiger Lily, English Rose, Hibiscus

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6 Responses to “Laura Mercier Gilded Garden”

  • jojoba says:

    >wow now you are talking!!! LOVE all the swatches!!! wonder when will we get these! love that shimmer bloc especially. pretty!

  • Elvira says:

    >Hi Karla: Thanks for the mention. I saw this collection over the weekend and I had to ask my friend Theressa to restrain me from buying the Gilded Garden Mosaic Shimmer Bloc. I had to repeat over and over that I didn’t need it. That I have 3-4 pink highlighters in my collection right now, so I don’t “need” it, yet I still am craving it.
    Your pictures only remind me how much I still want it….oh and the Skunk brush from the set too! and maybe the Azalea stick gloss and maybe the Hibiscus lip stain …and ..and…and…

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Oh oh trouble! I love those purpleish e/s and the Stickgloss – dang it!

  • makeupmag says:

    >Thank you for the swatches!

    Gilded Garden Mosaic made me do a double take! What a pretty, pretty item both in the pan and swatched. Is it similar to Orchid Mosaic?

  • Amina says:

    >hibiscus is soo pretty!

  • Julianna says:

    >I’ve been “just looking” at Laura Mercier for a long time. This collection finally made me take the plunge and try out her shadows and the new Gilded Garden Shimmer Bloc. It is all so pretty.

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