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Readers, I have fallen for MAC Sugarsweet and I have fallen hard. I definitely didn’t see this one coming (pastels? Moi?). Sugarsweet officially releases on March 19th, but my Nordstrom counter had testers out because they were pre-selling for their Trend Show.

It was the lip products that reeled me in — Lollipop Loving, you must be mine. I also think Lustre, Glaze, and Amplified Creme are the formulas generally considered to be easier (less drying) on the lips.

Sweet Thing is a semi-sheer cool rose-magenta (lustre). Bubbles is a repromote of a discontinued lipstick — a pearlescent white (glaze). Touch is a repromote from the permanent line, a warm, toffee brown with a hint of rose (lustre). Lollipop Loving is a repromote from Heatherette, and thank goodness it came back because I am wild about peaches for spring. Lollipop Loving is a medium coverage peach-pink-gold, glaze formula. I believe Saint Germain is a repromote/American release of a European shade, a cool, opaque pink (amplified creme). The lipsticks are $14 each.

Sugarsweet also introduces a new lip product: Tricolor Lipglass. The “tricolor” is a bit of a gimmick — there would be no way to get just one of the colors onto your brush, and after a few removal-reinsertions of the wand, those colors are inevitably going to blend together. The good news is, they are gorgeous shades, so I’m willing to forgive.

Tasty is a cool rose with faint silver sparkles. Just Dessert is a ballerina pink with very subtle silver sparkles. Simply Delicious is a pink-peach with peach sparkles (instant love). Triple Yum is a tawny peach with gold sparkles. Consume Me is almost clear — like a clear gloss that they waved over a pink sheet. I loved Simply Delicious… and Just Dessert… and Triple Yum. And since I’d already fallen in love with three of them, Tasty started looking pretty good too. I did not try these on my lips because it was obvious many people had gotten to them before I had, but I’ve heard the formula is smoother and more gel-like than regular lipglasses. These are $17.50 each.
The Sugarsweet eyeshadows didn’t thrill me — these aren’t colors I’m comfortable wearing. Sugarshot struck me as a Lustre-version of Next to Nothing or Hush: a very shy beige-pink highlight. Aquavert is a repromote from the Lure collection, a soft, whitened mint. Stars ‘n’ Rockets is a repromote from the permanent line, a lilac duochrome that reflects pink. Club is also a repromote from the permanent line, a brown-green. The duochrome really comes out when you apply it over a base like a shadestick. The eyeshadows are $14.50 each.

And just when I thought I was over Shadesticks, Sugarsweet springs five of them on me. I adored Cakeshop, a green-silver-beige stick of awesomeness. The name Lemon Chiffon is calling to me, so I don’t know if I can be objective about its light yellow color, and Butternutty seems so useful — like a shimmery, stick version of the paint pot Painterly?

People have historically disliked Shadesticks for being too hard on the eyes (the fix being to warm them up in your pocket or between your hands before applying) — these ones were smooth and soft. If you choose to buy, be sure to close them completely every time. Shadesticks are $16.50 each.
Spring is rainy season in Dallas, and this was a crummy, frustrating, overcast weekend. I was unable to get a satisfactory picture of the Mineralize Skinfinish highlighters, but I thought I’d show you what I got anyway. I plan to reswatch when I go back for the Grand Duo mineralize blush/highlighters.

Honestly, these two MSFs paled next to the Grand Duos (which I snuck a peek at). I was swatching these with a sponge, so you might get better results with a skunk brush… but I’d hold out for the blush duos. Perfect Topping is a very pale shimmery pink; Refined is a shimmery bronzed peach. Both are $27.
MAC Sugarsweet: Sweet Thing, Bubbles, Touch, Lollipop Loving, Saint Germain, St. Germain, Saint Germaine, Tasty, Just Dessert, Just Desert, Simply Delicious, Triple Yum, Triple-Yum, Consume Me, Sugarshot, Dear Cupcake, Aquavert, Stars ‘n’ Rockets, Club, Cakeshop, Lemon Chiffon, Butternutty, Red Velvet, Penny, Perfect Topping, Refined

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9 Responses to “MAC Sugarsweet”

  • Valerie says:

    >A soft shadestick you say? Very interesting! Did they reformulate? If they are indeed softer, Cakeshop might come to live with me…

  • Jenn says:

    >oooo, so drool worthy especially the lip products. I’m eyeing lollipop loving and the tri-color glosses. I can’t wait for it to come out this week. Thanks for the swatches.

  • Vichaya says:

    >Gee… you make me in trouble. I really wanted to save up for Romantic Rose and already decided to skip the collection. You really make me in trouble this time. I already love Aquavert and Tasty. I also very curious more about Perfect Topping MSF. I may skip Tasty though. (I have too many similar ones in my stash.) I also will have to see more of Perfect Topping since from your description, it really remind me of Smashbox’s Soft Light Halo from a couple years ago. Now, only if I can kill that Aquavert so I can still make room for Romantic Rose. My budget’s so tight this season. (Not to mention that I already go over board for Hello Kitty and Grand Duo.) T_T

    Thanks for the lovely swatch!

  • Vichaya says:

    >Sorry stupid me. It’s Rose Romance. I always mess up with the names.


    >Aquavert and Stars’n'Rockets must be mine! Already have Lollipop Loving and for once there aren’t many of the lip colours jumping out at me, maybe just Simply Delicious and Triple Yum. Now I want pastel coloured hair…and a cupcake!

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Geee thaks Karla – I thought I was done with M.A.C. after the Grand Duo haul of mine last week. Aghhhh – will they take Monopoly money you think at the M.A.C. counter?

  • jojoba says:

    >wow I like the colour of cakeshop!

  • Girl with Curl says:

    >I bought Lollipop Lovin with the Heatherette collection and it still one of my favorite lip colors.

  • Roxy says:

    >Mmmmm… as I suspected, I like this collection … so glad to see such springy colors.

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