Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Liner

In the canon of waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner pencils, you can’t ignore Aqua Eyes from Make Up For Ever, the company that loves the spacebar.

The names aren’t completely consistent between Sephora’s website and MUFE’s, so it’s probably best to refer to them by number. I’m pretty sure the L stands for longwear (as opposed to the kohl pencils, which have a K).

These pencils are incredibly soft and creamy, and they’re really, truly, hours-in-the-surf waterproof (making them a favorite for use on the waterline). The MUFE website even suggests using them for temporary tattoos, claiming that (once dry), they’re resistant even to the rubbing of clothing. It doesn’t hurt that they also come in a fantastic array of colors.

Aqua Eyes are $17 each.
Make Up For Ever: Makeup Forever, MUFE, AquaEyes, 0L, Mat Black, Matte Black, 1L, Star Black, 2L, Pearly Brown, 3L, Iridescent Navy Blue, 4L, Shimmering Plum, 5L, Bronze Green, 6L, Black Purple, Black with Purple Highlights, 7L, Turquoise, 8L, Silver, 9L, Gold, 10L, Bronze, Copper, 11L, Purple, Violet, 12L, Blue with Green Highlights, 13L, Fuchsia Pink, Fuschia Pink, Rose Fuchsia, Rose Fuschia, 14L, White, 15L, Majorelle Blue, 16L, Green, 17L, Pistachio, 18L, Burgundy, Bordeaux, 19L, Light Brown

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5 Responses to “Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Liner”

  • makeupmag says:

    >Love these swatches and love these pencils, even though some colours last longer than others. They used to be known as Pearly Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils in the past. Aqua Eyes has a better ring and is certainly less of a mouthful! :D

  • Dila says:

    >I was looking for a nice waterproof eyepencils, thanks for the swatches..
    ps. ur blog rocks!!!!

  • jojoba says:

    >just reviewed the mini version of these. can’t say i like them much. how i wish they worked for me as well as others!

    love the swatches!

  • Belita says:

    >Hi, Karla.

    Do you know if they ship to Brazil?

    Thanks a lot!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I looked into it on their website, Belita, and it doesn’t look good. This page lets you order by phone/fax/mail, but it looks like you can only order from the U.S./Canada/Europe.

    Then this page lists all their locations worldwide, and the options are a little more extensive, but still nothing in South America:


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