Rock and Republic Eyeshadow, Part 1

Luxury rockstar brand Rock & Republic Cosmetics sprang into this world like Athena — fully realized, a complete line (48 shades of eyeshadow, 12 shades of blush, tinted primer, pressed powder, you name it) — from Zeus’s head… or possibly that of CEO/Creative Director Michael Ball.

Rock & Republic was founded in 2002 as a premium denim company. They have since expanded into a full line of clothing, shoes, handbags, eyewear, (and cosmetics, obviously). Like their clothes and accessories, their makeup falls into the luxe category: each eyeshadow is $28, and the pots are quite large. I can’t find the specifics online, but I’d estimate that they’re comparable to Stila pans. They come in ornate, heavy, individual compacts — though R&R does make two different trios (not customizable; I’ll report back on what those colors are).

The shadows are all jet-milled, giving them a delightfully creamy texture (they reminded me of Smashbox singles, actually). I also thought they all fell into one of three levels of shimmer (high, low, and none). I’ll do my best to describe them, though I definitely recommend clicking the picture to view at full size.
I love… all the ones in this picture. Especially Spy, Skintight, Sabotage, Diffused… okay, I like all of them.

  • White Heat is a white shimmer, like MAC’s Crystal Avalanche or White Frost (high shimmer)
  • Veil is a soft matte ecru or vellum (a light, yellowed white)
  • Spy is a soft peach-brown matte
  • Skintight is a super-soft shimmery peach (medium shimmer)
  • Affair is a more shimmery peach, maybe like a less frosty, less pink Naked Lunch (high shimmer)
  • Alloy is an iridescent yellow gold (high shimmer)
  • Sabotage is a soft, shimmery, warm brown (high shimmer)
  • Diffused is a very lightly shimmery, cool, darker brown (medium shimmer)

R&R eyeshadow: White Heat, Veil, Spy, Skintight, Affair, Alloy, Sabotage, Diffused

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6 Responses to “Rock and Republic Eyeshadow, Part 1”

  • Valerie says:

    >*iz dead*

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Liking Alloy. I wonder how successful this line will be and if they ever will have anything in Canada, but really with the economy I wonder is $28 e/s are workable for an unproven makeup brand? I guess only time will tell.

  • Thepunkcat says:

    >I really like the packaging but I’m not into spending that much on an e/s. Alloy looks lovely, though… (X_x)

  • Lady Lostris says:

    >The packaging is beautiful! Thanks for the swatches. I love neutrals =)

  • Vixxan says:

    KarlaSugar you really do make shopping a pleasure. Thanks for the swatches.

  • Amy says:

    Thanks for the swatches, they’re really helpful as in I’m looking to buy a few that are on sale at right now. Thanks again

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