Rock and Republic Eyeshadow, Part 6

Today we have the last eight of Rock & Republic’s new eyeshadows. I can’t help thinking of these as the “rock” shades. If you are more glam than I, these are just the shades for you.

My favorites from this group are (predictably) Asphalt and Tempting. The sales associate I was talking to said (anecdotally) that her best sellers were Spy, Skintight, Affair, Carat, Lost, Lawsuit, Nailed, and Tempting — I can definitely see why.

Rock & Republic eyeshadows are $28 each, available at select Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale locations. They come in three finishes: Shimmer, Satin, and Matte (high shimmer, low shimmer, and no shimmer). They are also jet-milled for a smooth, creamy texture.

  • Fade is a very blue grey (medium shimmer)
  • Tempting is a fantastic shimmery purply grey (high shimmer)
  • Paranoid is a matte fuchsia (like MAC’s Creme de Violet)
  • Twisted is a luminous blue-purple that reflects blue (medium shimmer)
  • Nailed is a super shimmery charcoal (high shimmer)
  • Asphalt is a matte warm (brown) grey, sort of like MAC’s Concrete
  • Lawsuit is a totally cool dark brown that reflects green/blue-green; sort of the same idea as MAC Club (medium shimmer)
  • Fatalistic is matte black

R&R eyeshadow: Fade, Tempting, Paranoid, Twisted, Nailed, Asphalt, Lawsuit, Fatalistic

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3 Responses to “Rock and Republic Eyeshadow, Part 6”

  • jojoba says:

    >sigh… why must Fatalistic a MATTE black??? it's so hard to find a true metallic shimmery black!!!

    your posts on R & R e/s are killing me!

  • Jamilla Camel says:

    >I’ve got Twisted, which I love!!

    I’ll probably get a couple more neutral shades from Harrods.

    Oh, and the compact is sexy!

  • KHJ says:

    Thanks for the swatches on all the R&R eyeshadows. I chose the colours I wanted based on your swatches. Best sellers include Spy, Skintight, and Lost? I’m glad I chose those. I also wanted to order Tempting, but its no longer available. If only I ordered earlier. ):

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