MAC Rose Romance

Rose Romance officially releases this week, on Shakespeare’s birthday (April 23). Coincidence? I think not!

The soft, romantic collection includes five eyeshadows (each $14.50; the new shades are limited edition):

  • Silver Thorn (Veluxe Pearl) — a very steely, cool metallic grey
  • Of Summer (Satin) — an almost-matte lilac, with just the barest sheen
  • Creme de Violet (Frost) — repromote from the permanent line; contains tiny, sparse silver sparkles
  • Shadowy Lady (Matte) — repromote from the permanent line, feels just a bit chalky
  • Et Tu, Bouquet (Frost) — a barely-there pink in the same family as Hush and Next to Nothing

And two pigments (both limited edition, each $19.50):

  • Mutiny — repromote from Naughty Nauticals; robin’s egg blue
  • Circa Plum — repromote from Colour Forms (the Nordstrom exclusive last year); plum with a silver sheen

There will also a Nordstrom-only quad (containing Solar White, Contrast, Seeds of Love, and Petal Worship), but my counter hasn’t received it yet.
I thought this primarily cool collection would have nothing for me — wrong as usual. MAC got me hooked on See Thru Lip Colour with Ungaro and Not So Shy! This collection includes three new (limited edition, of course) shades to tempt me, each $14.

Two of these (Loving Touch and Tender Tryst) are metallicky. I don’t think that’s something I want in a lipstain. I tried Loving Touch on my lips: the color is very, very subtle. If you have unpigmented lips and you want to bring them up to a very natural pink, this is the shade for you. Also the metallic stain seems to wear off unevenly, giving my lips a flaking-gold-leaf look.

Secret Crush is a more traditional stain, a sheer berry red. It swatches a lot like Not So Shy!, but it’s more sheer and more red.

There are three limited edition lipglasses ($14): Virgin Kiss, sheer peach with silver sparkles; Magnetique, magenta (very blue pink) with blue sparkles; and Steal My Heart, a cool, mauvey pink with silver sparkles.

And finally, three lipsticks ($14): Way to Love, a fabulous peachy pink Lustre that reminds me of ArmaniSilk 89; A Rose Romance, a beautiful cool pink Lustre; and Odyssey, a plum Frost, a repromote from the permanent line, and therefore the only permanent shade.
There are two Rose Romance Beauty Powders, and a (new! exciting!) gel blush.

I had high hopes for Blush of Youth: I liked the pretty rose pattern, which looks like it’s going to last a little longer than the usual powder-decorations. This was, however, the sheerest powder I’ve ever swatched. I put down one stripe, and I couldn’t even see where to lay a second stripe on top of it. Use this for an all-over face powder, but skip it as a blush.

Summer Rose is slightly more pigmented, and if you’re very fair, it could be a blush (or you could layer it on top of another blush)… but it’s also very, very sheer. The beauty powders are $22 and limited edition.

Just a Pinch is a gel blush (which I’ve never seen from MAC before). It’s a pretty red-pink tint, $18.50, limited edition. I swatched it once heavily and once sheered out to give you the best idea what it looks like.
The collection also includes a lavender nail polish (Love & Friendship, $11, limited edition), Splashproof Mascara ($12, permanent), Fix+ Rose ($17, skin-calming, makeup setting spray with a rose scent, limited edition), and a repromoted fragrance (Creations: DejaRose, $22.50, limited edition).

MAC Rose Romance: Silver Thorn, Of Summer, Creme de Violet, Cream de Violet, Creme d’Violet, Shadowy Lady, Et Tu Bouquet, Et Tu Boquet, Et Tu Bokay, Mutiny, Circa Plum, Way to Love, A Rose Romance, Odyssey, Virgin Kiss, Magnetique, Steal My Heart, Loving Touch, Secret Crush, Tender Tryst, lipstain, Just a Pinch, Blush of Youth, Summer Rose

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5 Responses to “MAC Rose Romance”

  • styrch says:

    >Thanks Karla! I think your swatches and opinions really helped me narrow down what I want more than any other review I’ve seen of this collection. Thank you! :)

  • judith says:

    >Hi Karla! I just found your blog and had to subscribe. Your swatches are the BEST! Thank you.

    Do you plan on swatching the Guerlain terracotta gloss & shine in the limited edition shades of blonde sun,brunette sun, and dark sun? Thanks!

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Hmmm I was thinking of the lip stains but if you think they don’t stain evenly then oh well…for the most part this collection is leaving me cold. Which is a good thing! LOL

  • madison817 says:

    >how were you able to swatch this already? i’m so excited for this collection!! :)

  • yummy411 says:

    >ur so awesome.. thanks!!!

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